Package Architectures

The source packages have been built on the following architectures:

bsd.i386    bsdi 4.* i386 (lost access to host)
cygwin.i386    redhat cygwin on i386
darwin.i386    mac os X on x86
darwin.ppc    mac os X on power pc (lost access to host)
freebsd6.amd64    freebsd >= 6 amd64
freebsd6.i386    freebsd >= 6 i386
hp.ia64    hp-ux B.11.* intel itanium 64    hp-ux B.11.* pa-risc 1.1/2.0 compatible (lost access to host)
ibm.risc    ibm aix risc station
linux.alpha    linux on alpha (external host)
linux.arm    linux 2.2 on arm (ipaq handheld, lost host:)
linux.i386    linux 2.4 on i386
linux.i386-64    linux 2.6 on amd opteron 64
linux.ia64    linux 2.4 on intel itanium 64
linux.mips    linux 2.4 on sgi mips (external host)
linux.ppc    linux 2.2 on power pc (lost access to host)
linux.ppc64    linux 2.4 on 64 bit power pc ibm i-series 32 bit binaries
linux.ppc64-64    linux 2.4 on 64 bit power pc ibm i-series 64 bit binaries
linux.s390    linux 2.4 on ibm 390 z-series (ascii, external host)
linux.s390-64    linux 2.4 on 64 bit ibm 390 z-series (ascii, external host)
linux.sparc    linux 2.2 on sparc (external host)
linux.sparc64    slackware linux on sparc64 (lost access to host)
lynxos.i386    lynxos 4.0 on i386 (lost access to host)
mvs.390    ibm unix system services (ebcdic, external host)
netbsd.i386    netbsd 1.3K i386 (lost access to host)
next.m68k    next on m68000 (lost access to host)
openbsd.i386    openbsd 2.* on i386
osf.alpha    osf 4.* alpha (host decomissioned)
sco.i386    sco openserver 3.2 i386 (lost access to host)
sgi.mips2    irix64 6.5 mips2 o32 (host decommissioned)
sgi.mips3    irix64 6.5 mips3 n32
sgi.mips4    irix64 6.5 mips4 n64 (everyone (remaining) uses sgi.mips3)
sol.sun4    solaris 2.5 sparc (sunos 5.5, host upgraded)
sol6.sun4    solaris 2.6 sparc (sunos 5.6, host upgraded)
sol7.i386    solaris 7 x86 (sunos 5.7, host upgraded)
sol7.sun4    solaris 7 sparc (sunos 5.7, host upgraded)
sol8.i386    solaris 8 x86 (sunos 5.8, host upgraded)
sol8.sun4    solaris 8 sparc (sunos 5.8)
sol9.i386    solaris 9 x86 (sunos 5.9, host upgraded)
sol9.sun4    solaris 9 sparc (sunos 5.9, host upgraded)
sol10.i386    solaris 10 x86 (sunos 5.10)
sol10.sun4    solaris 10 sparc (sunos 5.10)
sol11.i386    solaris 11 x86 (sunos 5.11)
sun4    solaris 1.* sparc (sunos 4.1.*, host put out of misery)
unixware.i386    sco unixware 7.* i386 (host decommissioned)
uts.390    uts 5.2 system V on amdahl 390 (lost access to host)
win32.alpha    uwin 2.* alpha (lost interest)
win32.i386    uwin 4.* i386

Binary packages are available for a few popular architectures from this site. Unless otherwise noted, the posted binaries were built inside our firewall on hosts under our control. If your architecture is not posted then you can download the source and build it yourself. Send mail to ast-users with your experience on other architectures.

June 20, 2012