2d  Run a command in a 2d environment
3d  execute a command with nDFS filesystem services enabled
acpp  C language preprocessor
alias  define or display aliases
asa  interpret carriage-control characters
ast_at  run commands at specified time(s)
ast_batch  run commands at specified time(s)
ast_crontab  schedule periodic background work
ast_mount  mount and display filesystems
ast_umount  unmount filesystems
at  run commands at specified time(s)
banner  print large banner
basename  strip directory and suffix from filenames
batch  run commands at specified time(s)
bb2tok  convert bb html to tokens
bg  resume jobs in the background
break  break out of loop
builtin  add, delete, or display shell built-ins
bunzip2  a block-sorting file compressor, v0.9.0
bzip2  a block-sorting file compressor, v0.9.0
cat  concatenate files
cd  change working directory
cdb  display cql data files
changed  check local host/server entities for change
changes  list changed $PACKAGEROOT package source files
chgrp  change the group ownership of files
chmod  change the access permissions of files
chown  change the ownership of files
ciadef  display attributes of selected C entities in the CIA program database
ciaref  display selected C relationships in the CIA program database
ciavdef  display the source text of selected C entities in the
ciavref  display the source text of selected C relationships in the
cksum  print file checksum and block count
cmp  compare two files
codex  encode/decode filter
comm  select or reject lines common to two files
command  execute a simple command
continue  continue execution at top of the loop
corrupt  corrupt file by modifying bytes in-place
coshell  network shell coprocess server
cp  copy files
cpp  C language preprocessor
cpp  standalone C preprocessor
cql  C query language
crontab  schedule periodic background work
crossexec  cross compiler a.out execution
cs  connect stream control
csplit  split a file into sections determined by context lines
css  multiplex multiple clients on one connect stream server
cut  cut out selected columns or fields of each line of a file
date  set/list/convert dates
dd  convert and copy a file
delta2patch  generate patch script from pax delta+base archives
df  summarize disk free space
diff  find differences between two files
diff3  find differences between three files
dirname  return directory portion of file name
disown  disassociate a job with the current shell
ditto  replicate directory hierarchies
dlls  list dlls and shared libraries on $PATH
dss  scan a data stream and apply a select expression to each record
du  summarize disk usage
ed  edit text
egrep  search lines in files for matching patterns
enum  create an enumeration type
eval  create a shell command and process it
event  shared event client and server
exec  execute command, open/close and duplicate file descriptors
execrate  wrapper for .exe challenged commands
exit  exit the current shell
expand  convert tabs to spaces
export  set export attribute on variables
expr  evaluate arguments as an expression
fc  process command history list
fds  list open file descriptor status
fg  move jobs to the foreground
fgrep  search lines in files for matching patterns
file  determine file type
filter  run a command in stdin/stdout mode
find  find files
fmt  simple text formatter
fold  fold lines
funzip  fast gunzip
getconf  get configuration values
getopts  parse utility options
gmake  GNU make utility to maintain groups of programs
grep  search lines in files for matching patterns
hash  define or display aliases
head  output beginning portion of one or more files
hist  process command history list
html2db  extract flat file database from html tables
html2rtf  html to rtf filter
htmlrefs  list html url references
hurl  copy http url data
iconv  codeset conversion
id  return user identity
ie  execute a command with ksh-style input editing
iffe  C compilation environment feature probe
jobs  display status of jobs
join  relational database operator
kill  terminate or signal process
ksh  KornShell, a standard/restricted command and programming language
ksh88  KornShell 88, a standard/restricted command and programming language
ksh93s  Shell, the standard command language interpreter
ksh93t  Shell, the standard command language interpreter
ksh93u  Shell, the standard command language interpreter
let  evaluate arithmetic expressions
ln  link files
locale  get locale-specific information
locate  locate files in pathname database
logname  return the user's login name
look  displays lines beginning with a given prefix
ls  list files and/or directories
mail  send and receive mail
mailx  send and receive mail
make  GNU make utility to maintain groups of programs
mamake  make abstract machine make
mamdag  make abstract machine to dag dependency graph conversion filter
mamdot  make abstract machine to dot dependency graph conversion filter
mamexec  make abstract machine executor
mamnew  make abstract machine to nmake makefile conversion filter
mamold  make abstract machine to oldmake makefile conversion filter
mamprobe  generate MAM cc probe info
mamsh  make abstract machine to shell script conversion filter
md5sum  print file checksum and block count
mesg  permit or deny messages to the terminal
mime  list mime capabilities
mkdir  make directories
mkfifo  make FIFOs (named pipes)
mktemp  make temporary file or directory
mktest  generate a regression test scripts
mm2bb  convert mm/man subset to bb markups
mm2html  convert mm/man/mandoc subset to html
mm2twiki  convert mm/man subset to twiki markups
mount  mount and display filesystems
msgadmin  message catalog file administration
msgcc  C language message catalog compiler
msgcpp  C language message catalog preprocessor
msgcvt  convert message file to/from html
msggen  generate a machine independent formatted message catalog
msgget  get a message from a message catalog
mv  rename files
ncsl  list the number of non-comment source lines for each C file
nl  line numbering filter
nmake  configure, manage and update file hierarchies
nocom  strip comments from C source files
nohup  locate a command and describe its type
notice  prepend license notice comment to source files
od  dump files in octal or other formats
pack  pack files using Huffman coding
package  source and binary package control
paste  merge lines of files
pathchk  check pathnames for portability
pcat  unpack and concatenate files created by pack
pfksh  KornShell, a standard/restricted command and programming language
pids  list calling shell process ids
pin  induce a pzip partition on fixed record data
pop  operate on partioned fixed row and column data
pr  print files
print  write arguments to standard output
printf  write formatted output
probe  generate/install/display language processor probe information
proto  make prototyped C source compatible with K&R, ANSI and C++
proto::proto  make prototyped C source compatible with K&R, ANSI and C++
ps  report process status
pseudocoup  (3*3)x(3*3) sudoku solver
pty  create pseudo terminal and run command
pwd  write working directory name
pzip  fixed record partition compress/decompress
ratz  read a tar gzip archive
read  read a line from standard input
readonly  set readonly attribute on variables
rectify  induce fixed length record groups from data
red  edit text
regress  run regression tests
release  list recent changes
return  return from a function or dot script
rev  reverse the characters or lines of one or more files
rksh  KornShell, a standard/restricted command and programming language
rksh  Shell, the standard command language interpreter
rksh88  KornShell 88, a standard/restricted command and programming language
rm  remove files
rmdir  remove empty directories
rpm2cpio  convert rpm file to cpio file
rt  run "nmake test" and filter output
runtime  generate and post bleeding edge runtime tgz to download directory
sdiff  find differences between two files and merge interactively
sear  generate a win32 ratz self extracting archive
sed  stream editor
seq  print a sequence of numbers
serate  Sudoku Explainer command line rating
set  set/unset options and positional parameters
shar  create a shell archive
shcomp  compile a shell script
shcomp93s  compile a shell script
shcomp93t  compile a shell script
shcomp93u  compile a shell script
shift  shift positional parameters
sleep  suspend execution for an interval
sort  sort and/or merge files
split  split files into pieces
ss  list local network system status
strings  find and display printable strings in files
stty  set or get terminal modes
sudoku  sudoku solver / generator
sudz  3x3 sudoku minlex solution grid compressor
sum  print file checksum and block count
sync  schedule file system updates
tail  output trailing portion of one or more files
tee  duplicate standard input
termid  determine terminal type
termsize  determine terminal (window) size
test  evaluate expression
testregex  regex(3) test harness
tksh.ok  Shell, the standard command language interpreter
touch  change file access, modification and status change times
tr  translate, squeeze, and/or delete characters
translate  english language/dialect translation filter harness
trap  trap signals and conditions
troff2html  convert troff/groff input to html
tsort  topological sort
tty  write the name of the terminal to standard output
tw  file tree walk
type  locate a command and describe its type
typeset  declare or display variables with attributes
ulimit  set or display resource limits
umask  get or set the file creation mask
umount  unmount filesystems
unalias  remove alias definitions
uname  identify the current system
unexpand  convert spaces to tabs
uniq  Report or filter out repeated lines in a file
unpack  unpack files created by pack
unset  unset values and attributes of variables and functions
updatedb  generate locate pathname database
uudecode  decode a uuencoded binary file
uuencode  encode a binary file
vcdiff  data tranforms including compression.
vcmap  data tranforms including compression.
vcundiff  data tranforms including compression.
vcunzip  vcodex method encode/decode filter
vczip  vcodex method encode/decode filter
vmstate  list the calling process vmalloc region state
wait  wait for process or job completion
warp  execute a command in a different time frame
wc  print the number of bytes, words, and lines in files
webster  look up words in the dictionary
what  display binary identification strings
whence  locate a command and describe its type
who  display who is on the system
xargs  construct arg list and execute command
yes  repeatedly out a string until killed