cd - change working directory


cd [ options ] [directory]
cd [ options ] old new


cd changes the current working directory of the current shell environment.

In the first form with one operand, if directory begins with /, or if the first component is . or .., the directory will be changed to this directory. If directory is -, the directory will be changed to the last directory visited. Otherwise, if the CDPATH environment variable is set, cd searches for directory relative to each directory named in the colon separated list of directories defined by CDPATH. If CDPATH not set, cd changes to the directory specified by directory.

In the second form, the first occurrence of the string old contained in the pathname of the present working directory is replaced by the string new and the resulting string is used as the directory to which to change.

When invoked without operands and when the HOME environment variable is set to a nonempty value, the directory named by the HOME environment variable will be used. If HOME is empty or unset, cd will fail.

When cd is successful, the PWD environment variable will be set to the name of an absolute pathname that does not contain any .. components corresponding to the new directory. The environment variable OLDPWD will be set to the previous value of PWD. If the new directory is found by searching the directories named by CDPATH, or if directory is -, or if the two operand form is used, the new value of PWD will be written to standard output.

If both -L and -P are specified, the last one specified will be used. If neither -P or -L is specified then the behavior will be determined by the getconf parameter PATH_RESOLVE. If PATH_RESOLVE is physical, then the behavior will be as if -P were specified. Otherwise, the behavior will be as if -L were specified.


Handle each pathname component .. in a logical fashion by moving up one level by name in the present working directory.
The present working directory is first converted to an absolute pathname that does not contain symbolic link components and symbolic name components are expanded in the resulting directory name.


Directory successfully changed.
An error occurred.


pwd(1), getconf(1)


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