du - summarize disk usage


du [ options ] [ path ... ]


du reports the number of blocks contained in all files and recursively all directories named by the path arguments. The current directory is used if no path is given. Usage for all files and directories is counted, even when the listing is omitted. Directories and files are only counted once, even if they appear more than once as a hard link, a target of a symbolic link, or an operand.

The default block size is 512. The block count includes only the actual data blocks used by each file and directory, and may not include other filesystem data required to represent the file. Blocks are counted only for the first link to a file; subsequent links are ignored. Partial blocks are rounded up for each file.

If more than one of -b, -h, -k, -K, or -m are specified only the rightmost takes affect.


-a, --all

List usage for each file. If neither --all nor --summary is specified then only usage for the path arguments and directories is listed.
-b, --blocksize[=size]

Set the block size to size. If omitted, size defaults to 512. The option value may be omitted. The default value is 512.
-f, --silent

Do not report file and directory access errors.
-h, --binary-scale|human-readable

Scale disk usage to powers of 1024.
-K, --decimal-scale

Scale disk usage to powers of 1000.
-k, --kilobytes

List usage in units of 1024 bytes.
-m, --megabytes

List usage in units of 1024K bytes.
-s, --summary|summarize

Only display the total for each path argument.
-t|c, --total

Display a grand total for all files and directories.
-v|r, --verbose

Report all file and directory access errors. This is the default.
-x|X|l, --xdev|local|mount|one-file-system

Do not descend into directories in different filesystems than their parents.
-L, --logical|follow

Follow symbolic links. The default is --physical.
-H, --metaphysical

Follow command argument symbolic links, otherwise don't follow. The default is --physical .
-P, --physical

Don't follow symbolic links. The default is --physical.


find(1), ls(1), tw(1)



du (AT&T Research) 2012-01-26

Glenn Fowler <glenn.s.fowler@gmail.com>

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