mv ( 1 ) USER COMMANDSmv ( 1 )


mv - rename files


mv [ options ] source destination
mv [ options ] file ... directory


If the last argument names an existing directory, mv renames each file into a file with the same name in that directory. Otherwise, if only two files are given, mv renames the first onto the second. It is an error if the last argument is not a directory and more than two files are given. If a source and destination file reside on different filesystems then mv copies the file contents to the destination and then deletes the source file.


-f, --force
Replace existing destination files.
-i, --interactive|prompt
Prompt whether to replace existing destination files. An affirmative response (y or Y) replaces the file, a quit response (q or Q) exits immediately, and all other responses skip the file.
-r|R, --recursive
Operate on the contents of directories recursively.
-s, --symlink|symbolic-link
Make symbolic links to destination files.
-u, --update
Replace a destination file only if its modification time is older than the corresponding source file modification time.
-v, --verbose
Print the name of each file before operating on it.
-b, --backup
Make backups of files that are about to be replaced. See --suffix and --version-control for more information.
-F, --fsync|sync
fsync(2) each file after it is copied.
-S, --backup-suffix|suffix=suffix
A backup file is made by renaming the file to the same name with the backup suffix appended. The backup suffix is determined in this order: this option, the SIMPLE_BACKUP_SUFFIX , environment variable, or the default value ~.
-V, --backup-type|version-control=type
The backup type is determined in this order: this option, the VERSION_CONTROL environment variable, or the default value existing. type may be one of:
Always make numbered backups. The numbered backup suffix is . SNS, where S is the backup-suffix and N is the version number, starting at 1, incremented with each version.
Make numbered backups of files that already have them, otherwise simple backups.
Always make simple backups.
-x|X|l, --xdev|local|mount|one-file-system
Do not descend into directories in different filesystems than their parents.


pax(1), fsync(2), rename(2), unlink(2), remove(3)


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