aso  Atomic Scalar Operations
ast  miscellaneous libast support
astsa  standalone libast support
cdb  cql database format library
cdt  container data types
chr  character constant conversion routines
compat  ast library compatibility routines
compatibility  ast library compatibility routines
coshell  shell coprocess support
cs  connect stream ipc support
error  error and debug trace message formatter
find  fastfind algorithm interface
fmt  string formatting routines
fmtls  format file information in buffer
fs3d  3D (nDFS) on/off switch
ftwalk  file tree walker
getcwd  return absolute path to current directory
hash  hash table support (obsolete: use cdt instead)
hsort  array heap sort
huff  huffman coding/decoding
huffman  huffman coding/decoding
iblocks  compute number file blocks used
int  integral type macros
interval  Nested intervals and longest prefix matching
ip6  IP V6 address support
iv  arbitrary size unsigned big-endian integer nested intervals and longest prefix matching
LIBAST  introduction to the ast library
Libinterval  Nested intervals and longest prefix matching
libiv  arbitrary size unsigned big-endian integer nested intervals and longest prefix matching
libptv  arbitrary size prefix matching by intervals
magic  magic file interface
mem  fixed string routines
mime  mime/mailcap interface
modecanon  canonical file mode representation
nval  the ksh name/value library
optget  option parse assist
path  file path routines
pp  ANSI C preprocessor library
preroot  preroot support
proc  process control routines
ptv  arbitrary size prefix matching by intervals
pzip  fixed record partition compress/decompress library
recsort  sorting records
regex  regular expression interface
setenviron  set environment value
sfdisc  sfio disciplines
sfio  safe/fast string/file input/output
shell  a ksh library interface
sig  signal interface routines
spawnveg  process spawn with process group and session control
stak  data stack storage library (obsolete: use stk instead)
stk  data stack storage library
strcopy  copy strings
strdup  duplicate nul-terminated string
strelapsed  parse elapsed time expression
strerror  return error message string given error number
stresc  convert character constants in string
streval  long integer arithmetic expression evaluator
strgid  return group name given group number
strmatch  match shell file patterns
stropt  table driven option expression evaluator
strperm  evaluate file permission expression
strsignal  return signal description string given signal number
strsort  array heap sort
strtape  convert string to tape device pathname
strton  convert string to long integer
struid  return user name given user number
swap  integral representation conversion routines
tab  simple table lookup routines
tm  time conversion support
tmx  time conversion support
tok  space separated token stream routines
touch  set file access and modify times
tv  high resolution time support
vcodex  Data transformation for compression, encryption, etc.
vdelta  data differencing and compression
vecargs  command argument vector insertion routines
vmalloc  virtual memory allocation
zlib  compression/decompression library