dss::bgp  bgp method
dss::compress  compress parent output stream
dss::count  print parent expression record counts
dss::dss  meta-method that specifies a method, value maps and constraints
dss::even  select even ordinal records
dss::fix  fix query
dss::flat  flat method
dss::flatten  query to flatten input data to flat schema format
dss::lookup  look up variable value in file
dss::merge  merge input files
dss::netflow  netflow method
dss::null  select all records; generate no output
dss::odd  select odd ordinal records
dss::opaque  opaque method
dss::print  format and print the current record
dss::return  return from the current record query
dss::scan  scan all input files
dss::sort  sort records to the standard output
dss::stats  collect numeric field value statistics
dss::text  text method
dss::validate  validate field value constraints
dss::write  write the current record
dss::xml  xml method
sort::glean  glean minima and/or maxima from record stream
sort::sum  sort uniq summary discipline
sort::sync  IBM dfsort discipline
sort::vcodex  sort io vcodex discipline library