Changes since 2003-07-24 follow.

:::::::: INIT ::::::::

04-02-29 add regress action to compare current and previous tests fix sgi.mips[23] HOSTTYPE test for old irix cc add `export variable ...' admin action now handles host name with non-id chars add _AST_CC_hp_pa_DEFAULT=+DAportable
	 cc.hp.pa64: sync with -bnolibpath => -blibpath:/usr/lib:/lib
	 probe.win32: sync with make.probe
	 make.probe: fix last chance dynamic test
	 make.probe: add CC.EXPORT.DYNAMIC -Wl,-E
	 make.probe: add ibm.risc CC.EXPORT.DYNAMIC -bexpall
04-02-24 make.probe: strip "..." from cc/ld traces add ``set [no]define'' to disable macro #define/#undef
04-02-23 make.probe: rework CC.LD search
04-02-14 make.probe: add CC.EXPORT.DYNAMIC for main dynamic sym export
	 make.probe: resurrect CC.PIC with separate semantics from CC.DLL
	 make.probe: add CC.SHARED.LD for CC.SHARED linker
	 C+probe: clear DISPLAY to stifle interactive windows
04-02-11 handle ``siz void*'', add cross{ ... }end
	 make.probe: add { CC.AR CC.SIZE }, fix cross command search
	 cc.darwin.ppc: change $cc => $CC for old ksh + libast conf bug
04-02-09 make.probe: drop -nostartfiles from CC.SHARED for C++
04-02-04 fix cross compilation bug that mixed binary formats
04-02-02 package admin now ditto's bin/package too
04-01-30 cc.sgi.mips3: drop warning 3421
04-01-11 output label#count for tests in loops
04-01-05 fix bug that ignored the first SAME
04-01-04 fix typo that did not recognize rcp
03-12-19 mamake.c: add `foolib:foo:libfoo' to recurse()
03-10-11 add EXPORT, export COLUMNS=80 for message consistency
03-09-23 ratz.c: fix tar header number parse bug that skipped to next number rm cleanup now handles files matching -*
03-09-11 add if-elif-else and unnamed { ... } blocks add COPY from to, like MOVE but comprison still done rm -rfu to handle test dirs w/o u+rwx
03-08-14 Makfile: add hello.c to the manifest
03-08-11 fix `html binary' generation

:::::::: ksh93 ::::::::

04-02-28  --- Release ksh93p  ---
04-02-28  The ability to apply an append discipline to any variable has
	  been added.
04-02-14  A bug in which the exportall option (set -a) would cause incorrect
	  results for arrays has been fixed.
04-02-02  A bug in which an exported array would pass more than
	  the first element to a script invoked by name has been fixed.
04-02-02  A bug on some systems in which name=value pairs preceding a script
	  invoked by name was not getting passed to the script has been fixed.
04-01-20  A bug in which an unset discipline function could cause a core
	  dump on some systems has been fixed.
04-01-12  A bug in which a continue or break called outside a loop from
	  inside a function defined with name() syntax could affect 
	  the invoking function has been fixed.
04-01-08  If a command name begins with ~, only filename completion will be
	  attempted rather than pathname completion using the builtin editors. 
04-01-08  A bug in the vi edit mode in which the wrong repeat count on
	  multiple word replacements with the . directive has been fixed.
04-01-06  Backspace characters are now handled correctly in prompt strings.
04-01-06  The getopts builtin has been modified to accept numerical
	  arguments of size long long on systems that support this.
04-01-06  A bug in which unsetting all elements of an associative array
	  would cause it to be treated as an indexed array has been fixed.
03-12-15  A bug in which q quoted string ending with an unescaped $ would
	  delete the ending $ in certain cases has been fixed.
03-12-05  A bug in which the shell could hang when set -x tracing a command
	  when an invalid multibyte character is encountered has been fixed. 
03-12-05  On some systems, if the KEYBD trap is set, then commands that use
	  the meta key were not processed until return was hit.  This
	  has been fixed.
03-12-05  A problem which occured when the login shell was not a group
	  leader that could cause it to fail has been fixed.
03-12-05  A problem in which a shell could core dump after receiving a signal
	  that should cause it to terminate while it was in the process
	  of acquiring more space has been fixed.
03-12-05  If ENV is not specified, the shell will default to $HOME/.kshrc
	  for interactive shells.
03-11-21  A bug introduced in ksh93o in which the DEBUG trap could get
	  disabled after it triggered has been fixed. 
03-11-04  A bug in which using arithetic prefix opertors ++ or -- on a
	  non-lvalue could cause a core dump has been fixed.
03-11-04  A bug in which leading zeros were stripped from variable
	  expansions within arithmetic compution to avoid being treated
	  as octal constants when they should not have, has been fixed.
03-10-08  A bug introduced in ksh93o in which a large here document inside
	  a function definition could get corrupted has been fixed.
03-09-22  A bug in which the .get discipline function was not being
	  called when a string variable was implictly referenced from
	  within a numerical expression has been fixed.
03-09-22  A bug in which a script without a leading #! could get executed
	  by /bin/sh rather than the current shell on some systems has
	  been fixed.
03-09-12  To improve conformance with ksh88, leading zeros will be ignored
	  when getting the numerical value of a string variable so that
	  they will not be treated as octal constants.
03-09-03  The builtin kill command now processes obsolete invocations
	  such as kill -1 -pid.
03-09-02  The restriction on modifying FPATH in a restricted shell (sh -r)
	  has been documented.
03-09-02  The restricted shell (sh -r) has been modified to disallow
	  executing command -p.
03-08-07  A bug in which the KEYBD trap was not being invoked when
	  characters with the 8th bit set has been fixed.
03-08-02  A parser bug introduced in ksh93o which caused the character
	  after () in a Posix function definition to be skipped 
	  when reading from standard input has been fixed.
03-08-01  A bug in which "${foo#pattern}(x)" treated (x) as if it were
	  part of the pattern has been fixed.
03-08-01  The command -x option has been modified so that any trailing
	  arguments that do expand to a single word will be included
	  on each invocation, so that commands like command -x mv * dir
	  work as expected.

:::::::: pax ::::::::

04-02-29 format.c: drop ap->format=0 for possible deltaverify()
	 options.h,options.c: add --forceconvert to force --from
04-02-25 pax.c: regcomp REG_SHELL => REG_LEFT|REG_RIGHT
04-02-24 pax.c: add --action
	 copy.c: fix file list peek premature ' => ' ' bug
	 pax.tst: add --action,--checksum,--filter,--install tests
04-02-21 file.c: fix VPATH state.pwd corruption
04-02-14 add -F --fsync to call fsync(2) for each copied file
04-01-27 bio.c: fix bget() buffer size alignment/mismatch overflow
04-01-24 pax-*.c: use paxlib.h interfaces
04-01-03 pax-cab.c: move to paxlib/cab as standalone plugin
	 pax-calib.c: move to paxlib/calib as standalone plugin
04-01-01 add --passphrase=passphrase, -E
03-12-24 pax-zip.c: move to paxlib/zip as standalone plugin
03-12-18 paxlib.h: add paxpart(), link with -lcodex for paxlib plugins
03-12-05 pax-zip.c: fix EXT header logic
03-12-01 rename OPT_delta_size to OPT_uncompressed: !=0 => compressed
	 list compression % in delta op field
03-11-25 paxlib.h: add external format dll interface
03-11-20 pax-calib.c: add file suffix heuristics
03-11-19 pax-calib.c: convert ibm -INC [edit comment] to COPY [REPLACING]
         pax-calib.c: handle line size > 80
03-11-11 pax-pds.c: add mvs pds listing
03-11-06 regression tests finally pass after Format_t method switch
03-10-31 Format_t converted to true method
03-10-20 initial readonly ca-librarian support
03-10-01 add pax delta format -- groundwork for vcdiff deltas
03-09-23 pax.tst: change test file names for same ascii/ebcdic sort
	 pax.c: extended header values with length need no quoting
03-09-11 default output format now ustar -- should eventually be pax
	 format rename: tar=>oldtar, ustar=>ustar|tar
	 add --testdate=date regression test hook
	 add --uid=id --gid=id
	 ascii vs. ebcdic cleanup
03-09-10 private static cleanup
03-09-09 xopen sync and { pax ustar } format fixes, <tv.h> interface

:::::::: html ::::::::

03-08-11 mm2html: handle man .TH args>2

:::::::: proto ::::::::

04-02-29 proto.tst: add -f -p option tests
04-01-14 proto.c: add suffix-comment table
04-02-11 proto.c: default comment style set to match file suffix

:::::::: tests ::::::::

04-02-29 sfio/tscanf.c: add %! test
	 opt.tst: add html escape test
04-02-04 sfio/texcept.c: add sfraise(0,a,b) test
04-01-14 sfio/tmmap2read.c: fix mmap() override for linux/bsd
03-10-12 strtoi.tst: add strton[ll] suffix multiplier tests
03-09-23 opt.tst: more optstr() tests
03-09-11 opt.tst: add n:=v tests
03-09-05 opt.tst: [f:l*?] test 43 update
03-08-11 date.dat: add arithmetic tests

:::::::: 3d ::::::::

03-08-15 mount3d.c: change 3d intercept test to handle NiL || ""

:::::::: cpp ::::::::

03-12-12 cpp.tst: add empty macro actual tests
03-11-25 cpp.tst: add -D-d test
03-11-12 cpp.tst: add #if expression tests

:::::::: mam ::::::::

04-02-29 self-document

:::::::: nmake ::::::::

04-02-29 state.c: fix `another make running' message to handle <=0 elapsed time CC.LD.RUNPATH used only if LDRUNPATH set (. to kick in) mam ${MAKE} => ${NMAKE}, ${MAKEFLAGS} => ${NMAKEFLAGS} localize plugin DLLDIR and CC.SHARED.REGISTRY do not install plugin CC.SUFFIX.SHARED libs fix CC.SUFFIX.SHARED CC.SUFFIX.ARCHIVE clash
	 variable.c: mam $(-): $MAKEFLAGS => ${NMAKEFLAGS}
04-02-14 scan.c: add class identifier match action 'C'
	 expand.c: add :P=E: for PATH independent executable name
	 expand.c: static mam :P=A: expands ``.'' for pwd
	 expand.c: :N=pat: now uses regcomp() instead of strmatch()
	 expand.c: :T=F: lstat() (as always) :T>F: pathstat()
	 read.c: extend new vs. old makefile type check
	 parse.c: add <<'end' ... end for literal actions let proto -c '' determine .LIST.PACKAGE.* comment style add $(CC.EXPORT.DYNAMIC) to default cobol LDFLAGS add $(CC.SHARED.LD) to differentiate -r and $(CC.SHARED)
         option.c: add --writeobject[=file] --writestate[=file]
04-02-11 .LIST.PACKAGE.* generates top view relative paths add $(CC.AR) for ar
	 option.c: fix optget() usage bug that treated --nofoo as --foo
04-02-02 :LIBRARY: plugin static still installs req fix :PACKAGE: foo:nolibrary ignore C++ include <foo> (no suffix)
	 object.c: retain reference .IGNORE in state
	 option.c: non-0 exit for invalid command line options
	 parse.c: don't check D_scope for D_dynamic
	 rule.c: add external.order for .ORDER, :W=[OPR]:, :PACKAGE: X:order
	 scan.c: null map means ignore; handle |A.IGNORE|
04-01-30 add .LIBRARY.CLEANUP.* to clean up after plugin renam :PACKAGE_INIT: lhs for pre-installed $(BINDIR) files
04-01-28 add ``lib version plugin=id :LIBRARY: ...''
	 expand.c: :W=[OPR]: now favors make if its in the mix
04-01-22 add .PREQUIRE check to ensure up to date *.req
04-01-20 expand.c: :T=F: includes triggered time==0 targets
04-01-01 --- release 4.4 ---
03-12-31 $(LDRUNPATH) overrides defaults for CC.LD.RUNPATH
03-12-19 expand.c: add `foolib:foo:libfoo' to :W=[OPR]:
03-11-25 CC=c++ not found => search for any existing c++ compiler
03-11-19 default cobol include suffix is .CPY (or .cpy)
03-09-29 fix $(PACKAGES) logic inversion typo (:VARIANT: bug)
03-09-22 don;t clobber $(CATALOG).msg
03-09-19 fix USAGE_LICENSE quoting
	 expand.c: fix :T=E: quoting
03-09-16 archive.c: inhibit `member newer than archive' for ranlib time skew
03-08-27 honor explicit :MAKE: rhs order
03-08-11 make.c: change -T0x00300000 to -Q0x00300000 as documented

:::::::: ss ::::::::

03-07-29 ssd.c,features/cmd: add utmpx support

:::::::: builtin ::::::::

03-10-11 od.c: add --map=ccode, -tm, generate doc from tables
03-09-18 tail.tst: add header and timeout tests
03-07-28 expr.tst: add

:::::::: codex ::::::::

04-01-11 doc update
04-01-01 add --passphrase
03-12-18 add to ast -- still working on relationship with { -lvcodex -lz -lbz }

:::::::: mailx ::::::::

04-01-28 data.c: k,K are now autoprint (like d)
04-01-22 data.c: K is alias for mark; omitted mark defaults to nospam
	 list.c: addr- shorthand for addr-$
04-01-20 data.c: k is alias for mark; omitted mark defaults to spam
04-01-16 main.c: mark -f option value optional
03-12-10 spam.c: fix word match bug that matched prefixes instead of full word
03-11-20 main.c: optget() if _PACKAGE_ast -- finally
03-11-14 add spamsubhead=1 to edit spam subject heading list

:::::::: re ::::::::

04-02-13 testmatch.dat: add strmatch() cache boundary tests
03-10-17 testregex.c: add regexec() REG_LEFT tests, fix \x.... tests
03-08-11 ed.c: fix . value after s
03-08-08 ed.c: fix bug that botched the remembered RE parse

:::::::: sort ::::::::

04-02-11 main.c: document the obsolescent -k reclen:fieldlen:offset
	 sort.tst: add -k reclen:fieldlen:offset vs. -k .r -k .o.f tests
03-11-11 main.c: fix sfread vs. sfreserve logic fooled by SFOPEN_INTERCEPT
03-11-04 sfopen.c: add SFOPEN_INTERCEPT experiment 
03-10-16 main.c: add RS_CAT check
03-10-11 main.c: add RS_IGNORE checks, -R% to get size from path%lrecl
	 sort.tst: add -R% tests
03-09-06 main.c: add -Z, --zd, --zoned-decimal
03-09-04 main.c: change -R to --record=format | --recfmt=format
03-08-31 main.c: -l implemented by rslib()
03-08-15 main.c: add -J, --shuffle=seed

:::::::: std ::::::::

04-02-29 pss-getprocs.c: fix readf/partf semantic mixup
04-02-26 ls.c: handle solaris S_ISDOOR for -F
04-02-11 df.c: rescan mount table to avoid more expensive stat()/statvfs()
04-01-14 split.c: fix csplit {*} EOF detection
03-12-17 sum.c: update docs for new -lsum interface
03-12-09 df.c: don't stat() mount table fs paths that don't start with /
03-11-17 ps.c: fix --children bug that lost lower level ancestor links
03-10-12 dd.c: add ast iconv identity check
03-10-08 dd.c: fix count=n short-read when bs > underlying read size
03-10-07 df.c: fix -Pi to do "portable" -i
03-09-23 ls.c: call fmtmode() with internal mode
	 ls.c: -L => ~FTS_SEEDOTDIR
03-09-18 dd.c: numeric option arg values are now intmax
	 split.c: -b -C -l are now intmax
03-09-11 ls.c: add --testdate=date for testing
03-08-21 split.c: fix csplit pattern matching -- did it ever work?
	 csplit.tst: add regression tests

:::::::: tw ::::::::

04-02-26 tw.tst: add scanf tests
03-12-02 find.c: -print does not require leaf stat -- duh
03-11-16 find.tst,tw.tst: add leading . pattern match tests
03-11-14 add /proc to default prune paths
03-09-23 tw.c: -L => ~FTS_SEEDOTDIR

:::::::: libast ::::::::

04-02-29 comp/omitted.c: move env trace after PATH fixup
	 comp/omitted.c: cygwin spawn _P_DETACH => _P_NOWAIT+setpgid(pid,0)
	 misc/optget.c: fix html mailto: match
	 port/astlicense.c: add type=test for fixed 2001 date
	 features/float: check local NaNQ first
	 vmalloc/vmhdr.h: fix _vmextern_ vm_truncate return type
04-02-26 vmalloc: VMCHECK a:assertions c:arena-check w:warn-instead-of-abort
	 sfio/sfvscanf.c: fix extf arg selection
04-02-24 features/dirent: set nodefine to avoid ast_std.h _typ_off64_t undef
	 disc/sfkeyprintf.c: only case pattern must be ()[] balanced
04-02-14 include/sfio_t.h: add SF_DCDOWN, SFDCNEXT(), SFDCPREV()
04-02-13 string/strmatch.c: fix bug that didn't save one-time sub[] size
	 vmalloc: -g: export VMCHECK=1 enable malloc/free checks
	 vmalloc: -g: free(0) to check and disable malloc/free checks
	 vmalloc: -g: free(1) to check and enable malloc/free checks
04-02-11 Makefile: add :P=A: to conf and lcgen exec for cross-compile
	 regex: use MBSIZE() instead of mbsize() to grab 1 char on err
	 vmalloc/vmbest.c: updated to do more comprehensive DEBUG tests
04-02-04 sfio/sfraise.c: add sfraise(0,a,b) to iterate over all streams
04-02-01 vmalloc/vmbest.c: _BLD_DEBUG free(0) checks the arena
04-01-31 features/vmalloc: fix typo that missed _mmap_zero
04-01-23 string/strerror.c: handle real strerror() return value overwrite
04-01-11 path/pathpath.c: fix size vs. sizeof(buf) typo
03-12-22 misc/ dos EXE tweaks
03-12-05 vmalloc: sync with kpv, adding exceptf announcements
03-12-04 port/astlicense.c: fix expand() loop sentinel bug
03-12-02 include/ast.h: mbchar() advances by 1 on mbtowc() error
	 misc/fts.c: increase MINNAME to 32
03-11-21 vmalloc/vmbest.c: export VMCHECK=1 to enable $(CC.DEBUG) vmcheck()
         vmalloc/vmbest.c: export VMCHECK=2 to disable KPVCOMPACT
	 misc/magic.c: add { cobol copybook pl1 } and suffix preference
03-11-12 features/stdio: drop cuserid,getopt for SUSV3
03-11-11 vmalloc/*: merge kpv update -- this should stomp the compaction bug
03-10-23 comp/iconv.c: fix sfreserve lock fallback
03-10-20 sfio/_sfopen.c: add to allow user sfopen() intercept
03-10-17 regnexec.c: fix exec time REG_LEFT, \x.... => wctomb()
03-10-12 string/strtoi.h: fix strton '.' overconsumption
03-10-12 comp/iconv.c: identity is always (iconv_t)0
03-10-09 string/fmtesc.c: fix FMT_SHELL to check for all shell magic chars
03-10-01 port/astlicense.c: unknown authors copied verbatim (instead of ignored)
03-09-30 string/chresc.c: handle \u..., \x... consumes all trailing hex digits
	 string/stresc.c: \u... and \x... > UCHAR_MAX => wctomb()
03-09-29 fnv.h: add
03-09-23 modedata.c: table is for external modes, so no arch specific hacks
	 optget.c: fix option prefix match translation bug
	 optget.c: add `<length> <name>=<value> to optstr()
	 features/lib: add memcmp() test for sgi optimzation bug
03-09-22 regex.h,regcomp.c: add regncomp()
	 regclass.c: fix for loop dangling ; in regaddclass()
03-09-20 sftable.c,sfvprintf.c: fix SFFMT_CHAR handling to match extf api
03-09-19 sfmode.c: update release to kpv's
03-09-17 regcomp.c: add pedantic backref error checks
03-09-16 regnexec.c: exec time REG_LEFT => don't advance past initial position
	 regclass.c: add regaddclass() for user defined [:class:]
	 regexec.h: REG_VERSION_N2X, add redisc_t {re_map} ccode map
	 regstat.c: add regstat_t
03-09-11 optget.c: --n:=v sets opt_info.assign=':', opt_info.number enabled
03-09-09 disc/sfkeyprintf.c: *pn on lookup is arg separator; lookup "" arg too
03-09-05 optget.c: [f:l*?] preserves user long name past '*' in[]
03-09-03 sfstr.h: add sfstrpend() for #pending bytes in read buffer
03-08-25 regex: add REG_FIRST, optimize bm
	 features/lib: _AST_no_spawnveg==1 falls back to fork/exec
03-08-22 features/stdio,stdio/asprintf.c,stdio/vasprintf.c: add
03-08-21 path/pathnative.c,path/pathposix.c: interix updates
	 features/botched: add cygwin _stat => _stat64
03-08-15 include/ast.h: map out bsd strmode()
	 features/common: add interix _ast_intmax_t workarounds
	 misc/fs3d.c: 3d mount test now uses "" instead of NiL (or cygwin dumps)
03-08-11 string/fmtesc.c: fix optional quoting checks
	 tm/tmdate.c: fix > 1 year of seconds arithmetic
	 tm/tmfix.c: fix leap year adjustments
03-08-01 features/lib: beef up sock_peek test for interix
03-07-29 features/float: add -lm to frexp... test
	 Makefile: fix -lm astmath test sense
03-07-26 features/mem.c: favor _mem_sbrk over _mem_mmap_*

:::::::: libcmd ::::::::

04-02-29 cp.c: decouple -f and -i for standard CONFORMANCE
	 cp.c: mv attempts rename() before remove()+rename()
	 date.c: -f format or +format disables system clock set
04-02-14 cp.c: add -F --fsync to call fsync(2) for each copied file
04-01-05 head.c: -s now uses opt_info.number for >2Gb skip
03-09-18 tail.c: add --log
03-09-11 rm.c: add --unconditional
03-08-11 fold.c: add --delimiter=c to break at c
03-07-28 features/time: change settimeofday() test to 2nd arg of (void*)0
	 expr.c: add {match,substr,index,length,quote}

:::::::: libdll ::::::::

04-01-30 dllfind.c: dllplug( then dllplug(0)
04-01-28 dllscan.c: update for new plugin scheme: lib/foo/
	 dllplug.c: add dllplug() for plugin dllfind()

:::::::: libardir ::::::::

03-09-17 ardir.c: rewind initial peek to open position in case its /dev/stdin

:::::::: libexpr ::::::::

04-02-26 add scanf() and sscanf()

:::::::: librecsort ::::::::

04-02-11 rskey.c: fix old ast reclen:fieldlen:offset parse
03-10-11 recsort.h: add RS_IGNORE Rs_t.type hint
03-09-18 rswrite.c: fix RS_WRITE exceptions
03-09-06 rskey.c: add 'Z' key_z_code for zoned decimal
03-09-04 rsprocess.c: rs->disc->data==-1 => ibm v format records
03-09-03 rslib.c: rslib() separator expanded to [,\t\r#0093;
03-09-01 recsort.h: add rslib(), discipline stack, extra event arg
03-08-29 recsort.h: add RS_READ and RS_WRITE events
03-08-15 rskey.c: add -Jseed for random shuffle (jumble)

:::::::: libsum ::::::::

04-02-29 Makefile: compile with $(CC.PIC) for codexlib/sum $(CC.DLL)
03-12-16 add { crc prng } generic methods and maps[] to these methods
03-12-16 sum.h,sumlib.c: add sumdata()
03-09-29 sumlib.c: fix FNV to use ^ instead of +

:::::::: libz ::::::::

04-02-14 sfdcgzip.c,sfdclzw.c: add SFDCNEXT()/SFDCPREV() calls

:::::::: libcoshell ::::::::

04-02-11 coinit.c: fix CO_CROSS PATH initialization

:::::::: libcs ::::::::

03-08-01 csdata.c: add NoF pure data workaround, drop const + prototyped

:::::::: libpp ::::::::

04-02-29 ppproto.c: fix bug that skipped prototyped check during notices check
04-02-14 ppproto.c: comment[0]==0 => no notice
04-02-11 Makefile: fix %.yacc to handle cross-compile
04-01-28 pp.h,pplib.h,ppop.c: add PP_RESET to restore original pp.symtab scope
03-12-12 ppcall.c: missing macro actual warned but expanded
03-11-12 ppexpr.c: fix premature #if expression token strip

:::::::: libcodex ::::::::

04-02-14 codex.c: SFDCNEXT() and SFDCPREV() now provided by <sfio_t.h>
04-01-11 codex.c: top level composition parse, handle CODEX_INVERT
04-01-10 codex.c: use CODEX_FLUSH to disable SF_SYNC before initf
04-01-09 prepare codex.h for possible { decodef encodef } addition
04-01-04 codexcmp.c: fix return value to match strcmp(3)
03-12-30 codexmeth.c: case-sensitive match on qualified name
03-12-26 add CODEX_OPTIONS='trace=method-name-pattern debug'
03-12-25 codex.c: pop intermediate disciplines on error
03-12-22 add "RETAIN" option for CODEX_RETAIN
	 add "SIZE=size" and alternative codexsize() for expected output size
03-12-18 add to ast -- still working on relationship with { -lvcodex -lz -lbz }
03-12-16 codexlib.c: add cache to codex()
03-12-15 { rot13 qp uu iconv } working
03-12-11 first code

:::::::: libcdb ::::::::

04-02-29 cdb.h: fix data symbol __EXPORT__ logic

:::::::: libpz ::::::::

04-02-29 pzip.h,pzline.c: fix pz_init() prototype
03-11-04 pzpart.c: use PZ_HEAD to avoid multiple PZ_UPDATE, fix wrk overflow

July 28, 2011