Changes since 2004-02-29 follow.

:::::::: INIT ::::::::

04-03-25 Makefile: add iconv :MAPLIB: use ${PING:-ping -c 1 -w 4}, allowing admin.db override
04-03-24 add *.md5 checksum for each *.(c|exe|tgz) update base change on md5 sum instead of size adjust case label  and keyword quoting for ancient /bin/sh
04-03-22 probe.win32: ncc => nld
04-03-19 change the instructions and old source dir default fix recurse=list check add *.md5 checksum for each *.(c|exe|tgz) fix update base/delta/sync existence check
04-03-18 -d2 does not remove core dumps on exit
04-03-17 fix make recurse arg/action order
04-02-29 add regress action to compare current and previous tests fix sgi.mips[23] HOSTTYPE test for old irix cc add `export variable ...' admin action now handles host name with non-id chars non-numeric M T W in admin.db disables that action fix admin write binary local vs. shared clash add _AST_CC_hp_pa_DEFAULT=+DAportable
	 cc.hp.pa64: sync with -bnolibpath => -blibpath:/usr/lib:/lib
	 probe.win32: sync with make.probe
	 make.probe: fix last chance dynamic test
	 make.probe: add CC.EXPORT.DYNAMIC -Wl,-E
	 make.probe: add ibm.risc CC.EXPORT.DYNAMIC -bexpall
	 make.probe: move probe_dll_def to the end of probe_dll capture subcomponent mamfile recursion

:::::::: pax ::::::::

04-03-17 pax-tar.c: add tar_putepilogue to *all* tar variants
	 format.h: let pax-tar.c determine tar variant order
	 bio.c: fix a few printf format long long mismatches: %ld => %I*d
	 format.c: map ident buffer CC_ASCII => CC_NATIVE
04-02-29 format.c: drop ap->format=0 for possible deltaverify()
	 format.c: handle CC_ASCII=>CC_NATIVE getprologue() header translation
	 options.h,options.c: add --forceconvert to force --from

:::::::: html ::::::::

04-02-29 mm2html: .TS box => void lines

:::::::: proto ::::::::

04-03-19 proto.c: add { .cpp .hpp }, fix standalone -c parse
04-02-29 proto.tst: add -f -p option tests

:::::::: tests ::::::::

04-02-29 sfio/tscanf.c: add %! test
	 opt.tst: add html escape test

:::::::: mam ::::::::

04-02-29 self-document

:::::::: nmake ::::::::

04-03-25 drop openbsd.i386 -lc_r workaround fix .SHARED.BIND. CC.SUFFIX.STATIC -l* expansion bug
04-03-17 expand.c: check { :: :LIBRARY: } lhs
	 option.c: fixed bug that looped on `-' or `+' arg -- wow atom arg disables foo => .FOO checks for subsequent args fix .LIST.PACKAGE.BINARY :P=A: misplacement fix inappropriate .BIND.-l% CC.SUFFIX.ARCHIVE .IGNORE fix .SHARED.REF.* to bind before return :NOTHING: now does `exit 0' -- almost nothing I not appended to ARFLAGS if .def :LIBRARY: rhs handle /usr/include/X11R* /usr/lib/X11R*, deprecate contrib
04-02-29 state.c: fix `another make running' message to handle <=0 elapsed time CC.LD.RUNPATH used only if LDRUNPATH set (. to kick in) mam ${MAKE} => ${NMAKE}, ${MAKEFLAGS} => ${NMAKEFLAGS} localize plugin DLLDIR and CC.SHARED.REGISTRY do not install plugin CC.SUFFIX.SHARED libs fix CC.SUFFIX.SHARED CC.SUFFIX.ARCHIVE clash
	 variable.c: mam $(-): $MAKEFLAGS => ${NMAKEFLAGS}
	 nmake.tst: 001 now ebcdic immune

:::::::: ie ::::::::

04-02-29 history.c: use pathtemp() instead of mktemp()

:::::::: mailx ::::::::

04-03-25 mailx.h: shquote=>shellquote to avoid netbsd clash in <stdlib.h>!!
04-03-17 spam.c: fix usermatch() loop

:::::::: std ::::::::

04-02-29 pss-getprocs.c: fix readf/partf semantic mixup

:::::::: libast ::::::::

04-03-25 vmalloc/malloc.c: _AST_std_malloc=1 for __alpha
	 path/pathprobe.c: per-user probe dir => $HOME/.probe/$HOSTTYPE
04-03-23 regex/reglib.h: fix isw*() redefines
04-03-17 features/stdio: no __FILE override for __CYGWIN_ (sys/reent.h clash)
	 sfio/sfhdr.h,sfio/sfsetbuf.c: lower sfmove() default buf size 4x
04-02-29 comp/omitted.c: move env trace after PATH fixup
	 comp/omitted.c: cygwin spawn _P_DETACH => _P_NOWAIT+setpgid(pid,0)
	 misc/optget.c: fix html mailto: match
	 port/astlicense.c: add type=test for fixed 2001 date
	 features/float: check local NaNQ first
	 vmalloc/vmhdr.h: fix _vmextern_ vm_truncate return type
	 misc/ add elf s390 index=22

:::::::: libcmd ::::::::

04-03-19 tail.c: handle -f sfreserve() large chunk failure
04-02-29 cp.c: decouple -f and -i for standard CONFORMANCE
	 cp.c: mv attempts rename() before remove()+rename()
	 date.c: -f format or +format disables system clock set

:::::::: libsum ::::::::

04-02-29 Makefile: compile with $(CC.PIC) for codexlib/sum $(CC.DLL)

:::::::: libvdelta ::::::::

04-03-14 vdelta.h: #if !_DLL => #if !defined(_DLL) to handle empty value
08/11/95 version 2.0 -- new delta layout but old update recognized
04/24/95 back out of latest version -- incompatible deltas generated

:::::::: libcs ::::::::

04-03-25 csrecv.c,cssend.c: OPEN_MAX_CEIL => OPEN_MAX

:::::::: libpp ::::::::

04-02-29 ppproto.c: fix bug that skipped prototyped check during notices check
	 ppproto.c: recognize `Copyright nn'

:::::::: libcdb ::::::::

04-02-29 cdb.h: fix data symbol __EXPORT__ logic

:::::::: libpz ::::::::

04-02-29 pzip.h,pzline.c: fix pz_init() prototype

July 28, 2011