Changes since 2007-01-11 follow.

:::::::: INIT ::::::::

07-03-28 fix binary tgz architecture type duplication
07-03-28 add binary write PACKAGE.$HOSTTYPE.lst
07-03-28 add -F header to mac test
07-03-23 make.probe: handle file(1) that returns 'archive' for .so
07-03-22 fix STDED probe for implementations that ignore EOF
07-03-11 add nocopyright and tst => nocopyright
07-03-11 add copyright=0
07-03-08 C+probe: restore IFS after probe.ini
07-02-26 mamake.c: expand first of ${mam_lib*} for ${AR}

:::::::: sudoku ::::::::

07-01-19 sudoku.c: O rookery overlay
07-01-18 sudoku.c: row-normal canonical -- faster than box-normal
07-01-18 sudoku.c: -gg rookery based solution grid generation -- fast
07-01-18 sudoku.c: %c and %s now require #A for [A-IJ-R]
07-01-11 sudoku.c: add per-group options

:::::::: ksh93 ::::::::

07-03-08  --- Release ksh93s+  ---
07-03-08  A bug in which set +o output command line options has been fixed.
07-03-08  A bug in which an error in read (for example, an invalid variable
	  name), could leave the terminal in raw mode has been fixed.
07-03-06  A bug in which read could core dump when specified with an array
	  variable with a subscript that is an arithmetic expression has
	  been fixed.
07-03-06  Several serious bugs with the restricted shell were reported and
07-03-02  If a job is stopped, and subsequently restarted with a CONT
	  signal and exits normally, ksh93 was incorrectly exiting with
	  the exit status of the stop signal number.
07-02-26  M-^L added to emacs mode to clear the screen.
07-02-26  A bug in which setting a variable readonly in a subshell would
	  cause an unset error when the subshell completed has been fixed. 
07-02-19  The format with printf uses the new = flag to center the output.
07-02-19  A bug in which ksh93 did not allow multibyte characters in
	  identifier names has been fixed.
07-02-19  A bug introduced in ksh93 that causes global compound variable
	  definitions inside functions to exit with "no parent" has been fixed.
07-02-19  A bug in which using compound commands in process redirection
	  arguments would give syntax errors <(...) and >(...) has been fixed.
07-01-29  A bug which caused the shell to core dump which can occur when a
	  built-in exits without closing files that it opens has been fixed.
07-01-26  A bug in which ~(E) in patterns containing  that are not inside ()
	  has been fixed.

:::::::: pax ::::::::

07-03-14 pax-tnef.c: swap op == 3 for all arch!

:::::::: html ::::::::

07-02-09 expand  rather than escape to \\(*..

:::::::: 3d ::::::::

07-03-26 Makefile: drop -L* from IFFEREFS -- handled by .IFFE.REF.
07-03-21 lib_3d.h,error.c: handle error_info => *_error_data_

:::::::: nmake ::::::::

07-03-26 make.h: add state.expall to detect and disable $(...) recursion
07-03-26 fix .IFFE.REF. to handle -l* reqs
07-03-23 handle -G <number>
07-03-11 add --shared as an alternative to CCFLAGS+=$(CC.DLL)
07-02-23 add :PACKAGE: foo:private for +lfoo but not in *.req
07-02-14 expand.c: tweak :P=D: alias check (-Q0x10000000)
07-01-11 --- release 5.2 ---

:::::::: probe ::::::::

07-02-22 probe.c: fix double sfclose(fp)

:::::::: builtin ::::::::

07-02-23 cksum.tst: add -x tw tests
07-02-07 cksum: handle std => libcmd move

:::::::: att ::::::::

07-02-14 mrd-mail.dss: add

:::::::: flat ::::::::

07-01-17 flat.c: don't sfsetbuf() on an active stream!

:::::::: sh ::::::::

07-03-19 update nv_setref() calls

:::::::: mailx ::::::::

07-02-06 cmd2.c: "S name" => .../From/name

:::::::: re ::::::::

07-03-19 testregex.c: add regdecomp() harness
07-03-19 testdecomp.dat: add regdecomp() tests

:::::::: sort ::::::::

07-01-25 main.c: v format size is max of all input files

:::::::: std ::::::::

07-03-19 du.c: fix 0 pointer deref
07-03-19 pss.c: initialize not found process placeholders
07-02-07 sum.c: move to libcmd & builtin

:::::::: libast ::::::::

07-03-28 misc/optget.c: fix l10n --?-
07-03-25 features/common: fix { ast_std.h ast_map.h stdint.h } logic
07-03-21 error.h: move from error_info to (*_error_data_)
07-03-21 option.h: move from opt_info to (*_opt_data_)
07-03-19 regex/regdecomp.c: fix REX_ONECHAR escapes and add REX_KMP
07-03-11 tm/tmxscan.c,regex/regnexec.c: fix strict-alias transgressions
07-02-27 comp/ handle native getconf invalid numeric values
07-02-21 comp/,comp/ handle SSIZE_MAX vs _POSIX_SSIZE_MAX
07-02-20 sfio/sfvprintf.c: handle SF_WCWIDTH justification
07-02-14 features/common: cover <stdint.h>, move to int_(bits)_t
07-02-14 include/int.h: drop
07-02-14 include/sfio.h: add SF_WCWIDTH
07-02-12 comp/ fix CONF_LIMIT bug that missed ULONG_MAX etc.
07-02-12 comp/ *LONGLONG* => *LLONG* to match posix
07-02-12 features/float: *LONGLONG* => *LLONG* to match posix
07-02-12 port/astconf.c: handle CONF_LIMITS_DEF with no deferral
07-02-12 stdio/vasprintf.c: add trailing ' ' -- doh
07-02-04 string/fmtelapsed.c: fix naive multi month/year logic
07-02-02 misc/optget.c: add --??posix for getopts(1)/getopt(3)
07-01-26 string/chresc.c: use mbchar()
07-01-26 misc/optget.c: handle "o:-:" usage for old-style long options
07-01-22 sfio/sfdisc.c,sfpool.c: handle push on streams with pending peek
07-01-22 include/sfio.h: mv Sfieee_t to sfio/sfhdr.h
07-01-17 tm/tmxfmt.c: fix terminating nil logic which clobbered size-1
07-01-11 misc/stk.c: a 2 day marathon bug fix (can we release now dr ek?)

:::::::: libcmd ::::::::

07-03-28 date.c: add --unelepsed=scale, -U: fmtelapsed() => strelapsed()
07-03-25 wclib.h: iswspace() requires <wctype.h>!
07-03-11 tty.c: add sysV --line-number, -l
07-02-26 Makefile: sumlib.o: direct extract from +lsum (vcodex someday)
07-02-24 Makefile: tweak cmdext.h action for --mam bootstrap
07-02-09 Makefile: { cmdext.h cmdlist.h } depend on *.c list!
07-02-09 Makefile: +lsum to bring in static -lsum (no dynamic right now)
07-02-07 cksum.c: move from src/cmd/std with ftwalk => fts
07-02-07 getconf.c: handle /bin == /usr/bin in defer logic
07-01-26 chmod.c: don't FTS_FOLLOW if !FTS_PHYSICAL
07-01-23 cut.c: Cut_t variable dimension list[] must be last member
07-01-22 uname.c: fix -h typo that clobbered astconf() state -- ouch

:::::::: libz ::::::::

07-01-25 zlib.h,gzio.c: add gzbopen() to handle buffered unseekable data
07-01-25 sfdcgzip.c: use gzbopen() to handle buffered unseekable data

:::::::: libpp ::::::::

07-03-11 add -D-Y pp:pedantic, PP_WARN macro formal parenthesis checks
07-01-26 pp.def,probe.win32: add _WCHAR_T_DEFINED

:::::::: libdss ::::::::

07-01-17 dssfile.c: sfdcpzip() => sfdczip()

:::::::: libtksh ::::::::

07-03-19 src/var.c: use nv_setref() to initialize references

July 28, 2011