Changes since 2007-11-05 follow.

:::::::: INIT ::::::::

08-02-02 make.probe: add CC.RUNPATH to match default -L order
08-01-31 check lib64 for LD_LIBRARY_PATH
08-01-31 tweak ancient /bin/sh workarounds
08-01-28 make.probe: darwin ld export dynamic is -force_flat_namespace
08-01-28 C+probe: handle sgi cc error message but exit 0 botch(es)
08-01-23 fix checksum doc typo
08-01-09 C+probe: add __FUNCTION__ to the undef (don't check) list
07-12-14 add set nooptimize
07-12-03 add LC_ALL=C
07-11-27 fix overaggressive *.md5 cleanup
07-11-20 treat exit status >= 250 as normal error with no signal
07-11-05 fix write op error count pattern
07-11-05 fix $(~req) .ver binding

:::::::: sudoku ::::::::

07-12-06 constraint_Z.c: sync with ronk

:::::::: ksh93 ::::::::

08-01-31  --- Release ksh93s+  ---
08-01-31  A bug in which command substitution inside ((...)) could cause
	  syntax errors or lead to core dumps has been fixed.
08-01-17  A bug in which discipline functions could be deleted when invoked
	  from a subshell has been fixed.
08-01-17  A bug in which a command substitution consisting only of
	  assignments was treated as a noop has been fixed.
08-01-17  A bug in which discipline functions invoked from withing a
	  compound assignment could fail has been fixed.
08-01-16  Incomplete arithmetic assigments, for example ((x += )), now
	  generate an error message.
08-01-16  A bug in which a set discipline defined for a variable before
	  an array assignment could cause a core dump has been fixed. 
08-01-03  A bug in on some systems in which exit status 0 is incorrectly
	  returned by a process that catches the SIGCONT signal is stopped 
	  and then continued.
07-12-13  A race condition in which a program that has been stopped and then
	  continued could loose the exit status has been fixed.
07-12-12  Code to check for file system out of space write errors for all
	  writes has been added.
07-12-11  A bug in the macro expander for multibyte characters in which
	  part of the character contains a file pattern byte has been fixed. 
07-12-06  A bug in the emacs edit mode when multiline was set that output
	  a backspace before the newline to the screen has been fixed.
07-12-04  A bug in which using <n>TAB after a variable name listing expansion
	  in the edit modes would cause the $ to disappear has been fixed.
07-11-28  A bug in which setting IFS to readonly could cause a subsequent
	  command substitution to fail has been fixed.
07-11-27  A work around for a gcc 4.* C99 "feature" that could cause a job
	  control shell to go into an infinite loop by adding the volatile
	  attribute to some auto vars in functions that call setjmp().
07-11-27  A bug in which the shell could read ahead on a pipe causing the
	  standard input to be incorrectly positioned has been fixed.
07-11-27  A bug in which compound variable UTF-8 multibyte values were not
	  expanded or traced properly has been fixed.
07-11-21  A bug where an unbalanced '[' in a command argument was not treated
	  properly has been fixed.
07-11-15  A bug in which compatibility mode (no long option names) getopts(1)
	  incorrectly set the value of OPTARG for flag options has been fixed.
07-11-15  A bug in which "hash -- name" treated "--" as an invalid name operand
	  has been fixed.
07-11-15  typeset now handles "-t -- [-r] [--]" for s5r4 hash(1) compatibility.
07-11-15  A bug in which the umask builtin mis-handled symbolic mode operands
	  has been fixed.
07-11-15  Bugs in which shell arithmetic and the printf builtin mis-handled the
	  signs of { -NaN -Inf -0.0 } have been fixed.
07-11-15  The full { SIGRTMIN SIGRTMIN+1 ... SIGRTMAX-1 SIGRTMAX } range
	  of signals, determined at runtime, are now supported.
07-11-15  A bug in which creating an index array with only subscript 0 created
	  only a simple variable has been fixed.
07-11-14  A bug in which appending to an indexed array using the form
	  name+=([sub]=value) could cause the array to become an associative
	  array has been fixed.
07-11-14  A bug in which typeset without arguments could coredump if a
	  variable is declared as in indexed array and  has no elements has
	  been fixed.
07-11-14  A bug in which creating a local SECONDS variable with typeset in
	  a function could corrupt memory has been fixed.
07-11-14  A bug which could cause a core dump when a script invoked by name
	  from a function used compound variables has been fixed.
07-11-05  A bug in which printf %d "'AB" did not diagnose unconverted characters
	  has been fixed.
07-11-05  printf %g "'A" support added for all floating point formats.

:::::::: pax ::::::::

07-12-11 dro pax -v, add pax --nosummary
07-12-06 add

:::::::: html ::::::::

07-12-11 fix bb list and fill logic, add long name #0091;CC...]
07-12-11 add long name #0091;CC...]

:::::::: tests ::::::::

08-01-18 strn*.tst: consolidate into str*.tst
08-10-15 strn*tof.(c|tst): handle +/- nan|inf|0
08-10-15 strn*toi.(c|tst): handle bitsof(long) -- {32 64 }

:::::::: nmake ::::::::

08-02-02 --- release 5.3 ---
08-02-02 add LDRUNPATH init from $(CC.RUNPATH)
07-12-15 add "set stdio HEADER" to .SCAN.iffe
07-11-26 handle a.req => -lfoo -lbar, and -la does not exists

:::::::: builtin ::::::::

08-01-30 expr.tst: add substr * 1 * tests

:::::::: att ::::::::

07-11-14 dshield.dss: add

:::::::: bgp ::::::::

08-01-15 bgp.c,bgp-cisco.c: add { BGP_rib_failure BGP_stale }
07-12-13 bgp-mrt.c: unknown format: <hex-flag>:<dec-type>:<dec-size>:<mime-encoded-data>;
07-12-06 bgp.c: add { agg_addr32 agg_as32 path32 path32_len unknown }

:::::::: ip_t ::::::::

08-01-15 bgp.h: add { BGP_rib_failure BGP_stale }
07-12-06 ip_t.c: add as32 support
07-12-06 ire,itl: add dots arg for dotted representation

:::::::: mailx ::::::::

08-01-15 cmd3.c: add `if f?path' so old Mail doesn't carp

:::::::: re ::::::::

07-11-19 sed: /RE/I *except* for substitute command

:::::::: std ::::::::

08-01-31 features/procfs,pss-kvm.c: freebsd6 kvm tweaks -- stop already
08-01-26 df.c: belay some of that delay (automounts foiled it)
07-11-19 df.c: delay stat()/statfs() until necessary
07-11-15 pss-procfs.c: handle pr_pgrp and (...) with embedded space

:::::::: libast ::::::::

08-01-31 comp/, handle /bin/sh  in read data, redir subshell
08-01-18 misc/ amd-x68, 64-bit => x86-64
08-01-18 string/strnton.c,strntonll.c: add
07-12-10 string/strelapsed.c: "0" is a valid elapsed time!
07-12-02 sfio/sfreserve.c: preserve SF_SHARE sfrd() via sfreserve(f,0,0)
07-11-21 comp/setlocale.c: add sjis_mbtowc() to work around [\~] translation
07-11-15 features/signal.c: RT(1) .. RT(MAX-1) => RTMIN+1 .. RTMAX-1
07-11-14 features/float: favor sscanf() due to gnu strto[l]d() nan bugs

:::::::: libcmd ::::::::

08-01-30 expr.c: fix <=0 type that broke substr * 1 * -- wow
07-12-13 cp.c: fix builtin state reinitialization
07-11-29 rev.c: honor multibyte locales
07-11-27 cp.c: open non-existent destination with O_EXCL
07-11-27 stty.c: add -t,--terminal-group to list tty pgrp
07-11-27 cksum.c: --silent -s => -S, -s == -x sys5 for gnu compatibility
07-11-11 tee.c: drop ancient bsd compatibility "-" operand => SIGINT

:::::::: librecsort ::::::::

07-12-14 rskey.c: fix mb fixed field offset >= 99 key gen 

:::::::: libz ::::::::

07-11-29 sfdcgzip.c: add seekf() for first buffer rewind

:::::::: libdss ::::::::

07-11-28 cxcomp.c,cxmap.c: fix num=>str cast logic

July 28, 2011