Changes since 2008-07-25 follow.

:::::::: INIT ::::::::

08-10-16 make.probe '-fno-stack-protector -fno-stack-protector-all' to cop out!!
08-09-30 fix ksh93 regression test signal count
08-09-26 ignore SIGPIPE for SET pipe-input
08-09-24 package only test foo => make --recurse=only recurse tests foo
08-09-20 make.probe: handle another /usr/bin/file shared lib description
08-09-20 add --pipefail for SET pipe-input ...
08-09-17 Makefile: add gdbm1.c for <gdbm-ndbm.h>
08-09-10 make.probe: add CC.NOPROTECT
08-08-08 add --width=width
08-08-05 dbm.req: favor sleepycat ndbm compatibility
08-08-04 C+probe: fix stdlib initialization logic

:::::::: ksh93 ::::::::

08-10-31  --- Release ksh93t  ---
08-10-31  Variable scoping/initialization bugs that could dump core were fixed.
08-10-24  The lexer now accepts all RE characters for patterns prefixed
	  with a ksh ~(...) option expression.
08-10-24  For ${var/pat/sub}   in sub expands to the text matched by pat.
08-10-18  A bug in array scoping that could dump core has been fixed.
08-10-10  read -n and -N fixed to count characters in multibyte locales.
08-10-10  A bug that mishandled _.array[] type references has been fixed.
08-10-09  ${.sh.version} now contains a catenation of the following (after
	  'Version') denoting compile time features:
08-10-09  A bug that caused subshell command substitution with redirection
	  to hang has been fixed.
08-10-08  Output errors, other than to stderr, now result in a diagnostic.
08-10-08  ksh93 now supports types that contain arrays of other types as
	  members.  Earlier versions core dumped in this case.
08-10-05  A bug which caused the shell to emit a syntax error for an arithmetic
	  statement of the form (([sub] = value)) has been fixed.
08-10-01  A bug that caused subshell command substitution to hang has
	  been fixed.
08-09-29  When the -p export option of typeset is used with other options,
	  only those variables matching the specified options are displayed.
08-09-29  When the shell reads the environment and finds variables that are
	  not valid shell assignments, it now passes these on to subsequent
	  commands rather than deleting them.
08-09-29  A bug in the display of compound variables containing an indexed
	  array of compound variables has been fixed.
08-09-29  A bug in the display of compound variables containing an associative
	  array with a subscript containing a . in the name has been fixed.
08-09-26  A core dump in the subshell environment restore has been fixed.
08-09-24  $(...) has been fixed to properly set the exit status in $?.
08-09-23  $(<...) with IFS=$'n' has been fixed to retain all but the last
	  of multiple trailing newlines.
08-09-23  The -p option to typeset when used with other attributes, restricts
	  the output to variables with the specified attributes.
08-09-22  A bug that sometimes lost the exit status of a job has been fixed.
08-09-21  A bug that retained trailing command substitution newlines in
	  cases where the command caused the shell to fork has been fixed.
08-09-19  type, whence -v, and command -v were fixed to comply with POSIX
	  by writing 'not found' diagnostics to the standard error.
08-09-18  test and [...] were fixed to comply with POSIX in the case
	  of test '(' binop ')' where binop is a valid binary test operator.
08-09-16  If a method discipline named create is specified when defining a
	  type, this function will be called when an instance is created.
08-09-15  The variable _ is now set as a reference to the compound variable
	  when defining a compound variable or a type.
08-09-10  The shell now prints an error message when the type name specified
	  for an indexed array subscript is not an enumeration type.
08-09-10  A bug in which a subshell that spawned a background process could
	  loose output that was produced after the foreground completed
	  has been fixed.
08-09-10  A timing bug on some systems that could cause coprocesses started by a
	  subshell to not clean up and prevent other coprocesses has been fixed.
08-09-09  The typeset -m option is now able to rename array elements from
	  the same array.
08-09-09  The exit status of 2 from the DEBUG trap causes the next command
	  to be skipped.  An exit value of 255 from a DEBUG trap called from
	  a function causes the function to return. 
08-09-08  A bug in which a coprocess created in a subshell that did not
	  complete when the subshell terminated could prevent a coprocess
	  from being created in the parent shell has been fixed.
08-09-05  An assignment of the form name1=name2 where name1 and name2
	  are both compound variables causes name1 to get a copy of name2.
	  name1+=name2 causes name2 sub-variables to be appended to name1.
08-09-05  A bug in which unsetting a compound variable did not unset all
	  the sub-variables has been fixed.
08-09-01  A bug in the subshell cleanup code that could cause SIGSEGV has
	  been fixed.

:::::::: cpp ::::::::

08-10-31 cpp.tst: add #x and pp:nomultiple tests

:::::::: nmake ::::::::

08-10-24 fix install --link=* to handle directories
08-10-24 command.c: work around another gcc code generation bug -- ouch
08-10-16 fix :NOOPTIMIZE: to cooperate with :NOPROTECT:
08-09-24 add --recurse=only
08-09-10 add :NOPROTECT:, fix CC.DIALECT=VERSION shared lib bind
08-08-08 state.c: do not use low res virtual st.st_mtime
08-08-08 always include explicit :: files in manifest

:::::::: builtin ::::::::

08-10-15 rm.rt: add to test rm -f x x

:::::::: att ::::::::

08-08-11 dss.tst: %K.%6N for 18 digit long double limitation

:::::::: bgp ::::::::

08-08-28 bgp-mrt.c: add afi=1/safi=128 nlri
08-08-28 bgp.c: add { afi label rd_admin rd_number rd_type }
08-08-11 bgp.c,bgp-mrt.c: add extended community support

:::::::: flat ::::::::

08-08-30 flat.c: work around macos cc struct copy bug

:::::::: ip_t ::::::::

08-08-11 bgp.h,ip_t.c: add extended community type support
08-07-31 ptvopen.c: fix ptvinsert() interval bug
08-07-25 ip_t.c: add { %(prefix:C)s %(addr:C)s } for 0x%02x comma-separated value

:::::::: time_t ::::::::

08-08-22 fix time_t => Time_t typo
08-08-11 update timestamp_t logic to tmx*()

:::::::: re ::::::::

08-09-04 nested.dat,noop.dat: nested match beyond end of subject fix
08-07-29 testglob.c: add workspace symlinks
08-07-29 testglob.dat: add ** symlink => dir tests

:::::::: std ::::::::

08-10-28 pss-procfs.c: use hz = getconf("CLK_TCK")
08-09-10 features/procfs,pss-kvm.c: netbsd 4.0 kvm tweaks

:::::::: libast ::::::::

08-11-04 stdio: add flockfile.c ftrylockfile.c funlockfile.c
08-10-24 port/astconf.c: handle multiple/trailing '/' in universe initialization
08-09-10 misc/magic.c: handle old vcodex() indices
08-09-10 sfio/sfvprintf.c: drop SF_WCWIDTH, use %Lc or %Ls instead
08-09-05 Makefile: ibm.risc joins the :NOOPTIMIZE: crowd
08-09-04 regex/regnexec.c: fix nested delimiter match beyond end of subject
08-08-20 misc/fts.c: fix st_nlink stat() optimization logic
08-08-19 sfio/sfpkrd.c: workaround macosx recv(PEEK) data consumption on non-socket
08-08-19 strn?tol?d: handle long double with smaller exponent range than double
08-08-18 sfio/sfcvt.c: eliminate excessive multiplies and integral overprecision
08-08-11 tm/tmxfmt.c: handle %10N and %010N
08-08-06 include/shcmd.h: add 'int invariant;' for builtin invarinat arg count
08-08-05 features/ndbm: favor sleepycat ndbm compatibility

:::::::: libcmd ::::::::

08-10-15 rm.c: handle 'rm -f x x' => exit 0
08-09-08 stty.c: #ifdef guard TAB[012] -- freebsd: damn the posix, full speed ahead

:::::::: libcoshell ::::::::

08-10-28 coopen.c: close write side of parent msgfd -- doh

:::::::: libpp ::::::::

08-10-31 ppsearch.c: relax pp:nomultiple pedantry
08-10-30 pplex.c: handle =#x S_CHRB|SPLICE bug

:::::::: libtksh ::::::::

08-08-08  src/list.c,src/tcleval.c: add temporary sh_eval(p,0x8000) hack

:::::::: libvcodex ::::::::

08-09-10 vcsfio.c: handle old binary method header

July 28, 2011