Changes since 2010-06-21 follow.

:::::::: INIT ::::::::

10-09-01 fix ratz from source logic
10-08-25 consolidate license file search in .package.licenses.
10-08-22 ratz.c: run sear bootstrap command detached
10-08-20 C+probe: version_stamp only if version_flags works
10-08-17 unset makerules *DIR variables in env
10-08-15 "make" action now lists some env values
10-08-11 add "DO command ..."
10-07-27 handle "rt X=Y ..."
10-06-29 ratz.c: non-option sear args passed to sear_exec()
10-06-25 "api" op chanegd to not do "map-libc" type mappings
10-06-25 "force admin ditto" => no ditto --update option
10-06-22 C+probe: handle cc that require .[ci] input for version info
10-06-21 change default remote access to ssh (about time)

:::::::: ksh93 ::::::::

10-09-01  --- Release ksh93u  ---
10-08-31  typeset -p was modified to output name references after other
	  variables so that the output could be used as input.
10-08-31  A bug with typeset -p in which variables with attributes but
	  without attributes were not displayed correctly has been fixed.
10-08-27 +When running a subshell, the current pool is unset.
10-08-27  A bug in which jobs started from within for or while lists in
	  interactive shells could generate completion messages has been fixed.
10-08-25  Fixed a couple of bugs related to job pools. 
10-08-24 +[[ -e /dev/xxx/ ]] can be used to check whether special files of
	  those names are handled by the shell.
10-08-24  A bug in the running of a compiled dot script in which only the
	  first command was executed has been fixed.
10-08-23  A bug which sometimes caused a core dump with a confgire script
	  has been fixed.
10-08-20  A bug in command substitution which caused a configure script to
	  hang has been fixed.
10-08-19  Eliminated unnecessary ; from output of compound variable with
	  typeset -p.
10-08-17  Fixed a bug in command substitution in which under certain
	  circumstances a file whose size is a power of 2 plus one, and the last
	  character was not a new-line, could cause memory corruption.
10-08-13 +Added static discipline functions to type similar to C++ static
	  class functions.
10-08-11  A bug in time when applied to a pipeline in which the shell did
	  not wait for all elements of the pipeline to complete has been fixed.
10-08-11  Restored sh_fmtq() quoting to not quote NAME= in NAME=VALUE.
10-08-09 +Modified the expansion of message strings, $"...", so that they
	  are expanded each time they are referenced rather than expanding
	  them when the script is compiled or read in.
10-08-06 +The process id for jobs in job pools is now of the form poolname.n
	  where n is the jobid in that pool.  Commands that accept job names
	  or numbers now understand names in this format.
10-08-05  A bug in which an assignment from within an arithmetic expression
	  inside a function would create a local variable has been fixed.
10-08-04  A bug in the expanding of variables whose names contain multibyte
	  characters has been fixed.
10-08-04  A bug which caused an exception when processing scripts compiled
	  with shcomp -n has been fixed.
10-08-02  Tests using very small buffer sizes uncovered a number of bug most
	  connected with here documents which have been fixed.
10-07-27  The format modifier , used for digit grouping with d and f formats
	  has been documented.
10-07-26  cd '' now produces and error rather than changing to the current
10-07-26  A bug in multi-byte locales which the last character of a
	  multi-byte character is a  or pattern character which could occur
	  when the character was the last character of a command substitution
	  has been fixed.
10-07-23  Another bug in the processing of ${var:offset;len} in multi-byte
	  locales when len is larger than the number of characters has been
10-07-23  Many coding changes have been made to eliminate most of the uses
	  of global variables in the shell code.
10-07-22  Fixed a bug in which discipline functions were not being invoked
	  when it was invoked as ref.discipline where ref was a name reference
	  to an array instance.
10-07-22  Fixed a bug in which discipline functions were not being invoked it
	  was invoked on a two dimensional array, i.e., arr[5][9].discipline.
10-07-19  Fixed a buffering problem which occured when running a script with
	  ssh and the parent ssh process is killed.
10-07-14  Modifed the parser to treat ((...)) inside [[...]] as ( (...) ) to
	  that it is a nested (...).
10-07-09  A bug in the handling of process substitution inside command
	  substitution as part of a pipeline has been fixed.
10-07-07  A bug in the output for compound variables containing
	  multi-dimensional arrays has been fixed.
10-07-06  ksh now recovers from changes made by bash to the history file without
	  loosing history commands.
10-06-25  A bug in which a large here document containing command substitutions
	  of a dynamically loaded function that contained a here document
	  could get truncated has been fixed.
10-06-24  If after executing a script found in FPATH, if a function, builtin,
	  or type name corresponding to that script is not defined, the shell
	  now outputs an error message and returns value 126.
10-06-23  Floating point functions that happened to return integer values
	  were being treated as if the function returned integers so that
	  integer division could be used instead of floating point division.
10-06-22  Fixed a bug in earlier ksh93u in which an arithmetic assignment to a
	  variable in the global scope would instead create a local variable if
	  the variable had an attribute but did not have a value.

:::::::: pax ::::::::

10-09-01 pax.c: RE errors => exit(2)
10-08-27 add -U, --different to update files with different <mtime,size,mode>
10-08-22 format.c: archive update requires (ap->io->mode & O_RDWR)
10-08-11 use conformance("standard",0) test
10-08-09 fix extended header size key precedence/performance
10-08-09 use { SEEK_DATA SEEK_HOLE } for -rw if available
10-08-08 disable SOKTYPE
10-06-21 align { --append --update } with posix

:::::::: proto ::::::::

10-08-22 ratz+sear now requires -ladvapi32

:::::::: nmake ::::::::

10-08-24 bind.c: glob_diropen() gs->name absolute path
10-08-23 bind.c: drop GLOB_NOCHECK so *.notthere => empty
10-08-15 mam.c: fix joint target make-done imbalance
10-07-17 option.c: expand external.old for execve() -- doh
10-06-21 use CC.SUFFIX.DEBUG instead of .pdb
10-06-21 add "idxxx ... id=id :LIBRARY: ..." to preserve _BLD_id==1

:::::::: builtin ::::::::

10-08-04 dlls.c: add -l to list plugin version stamps
10-06-21 pty.c: add 4 sec timeout for initial handshake -- fix me!!

:::::::: re ::::::::

10-09-01 grep.c: RE errors => exit(2)
10-08-11 ed,grep,sed: use conformance("standard",0) test
10-08-11 sed: align y \  \? logic with standard
10-07-31 grep: add --recursive,-r for the linux for dummies crowd -- barf

:::::::: sort ::::::::

10-08-11 main.c: use conformance(0,0) for "standard"

:::::::: std ::::::::

10-08-11 df.c: use conformance("standard",0) test

:::::::: tw ::::::::

10-09-01 find.c: RE errors => exit(2)
10-08-18 tw.tst: add expr scope tests
10-08-18 find.c: document -exec command ... {} +
10-08-15 tw.h,tw.c,expr.c: add file arg to compile() for --file=expr-file

:::::::: jmake ::::::::

10-08-29 *.mk: tweaks to handle real world examples

:::::::: libast ::::::::

10-08-31 comp/getopt[l].c: export functions for dlls
10-08-25 port/lc.c: add features/locale check for canonical UTF-8 spelling
10-08-20 include/ast.h: add export plugin_version() prototype
10-08-20 comp/ add SF_BUFSIZE
10-08-11 misc/conformance.c: conformance(0,0) => "standard"
10-08-11 misc/conformance.c: check ast_env_serial for dynamic astconf() changes
10-08-11 port/lcgen.c: remember to fudge Table_t.count for synthesized entries
10-08-04 include/ast.h,comp/setlocale.c: add { debug C.UTF-8 } mbalpha() mbwidth()
10-08-02 misc/translate.c: add NLSPATH message cache check 
10-07-29 string/fmtint.c: fix nasty bug that rendered "1000" as "1"
10-07-27 setlocale,lsgen,localeconv: handle C vs C_EU decimal thousands sep
10-07-26 misc/optget.c: fix interaction with nested plugin/builtin calls
10-06-29 string/strtoi.h: strton() multiplier 1 => power of two suffix
10-06-28 features/wchar: handle systems that require __va_list => va_list
10-06-28 comp/ another PID_MAX tweak -- default to 99999 for most
10-06-28 port/astconf.c: lone "CONFORMANCE = standard" => all defaults standard
10-06-25 misc/optget.c: avoid sfprints() call during initialization

:::::::: libcmd ::::::::

10-08-11 cp.c,expr.c: use conformance("standard",0) test
10-08-11 cut.c: use mbnsize() instead of mblen() (for ast C.UTF-8)
10-07-28 chgrp.c,chmod.c,cksum.c: fts_path for diagnostics, not fts_accpath!

:::::::: libdll ::::::::

10-08-02 dllplug.c: fix local path dllcheck() call

:::::::: libexpr ::::::::

10-08-18 add static, global and function level variable scopes

:::::::: libcoshell ::::::::

10-08-11 coinit.c: force _BLD_DLL for environ intercept

:::::::: libpp ::::::::

10-09-01 RE errors => exit(2)
10-09-01 ppcall.c: no disgnostic for 0 actual args for 1 formal arg
10-06-29 ppargs.c: ignore -H<number> (hpux /opt/langtools/lbin/cpp.ansi)

July 28, 2011