AT&T Statistical Dialog Toolkit


The AT&T Statistical Dialog Toolkit (ASDT) enables developers to build spoken dialog systems that track a distribution over multiple dialog states. The engine provided by the toolkit updates this distribution efficiently, in real time, during the dialog. The engine is implemented in Python. The source code of the toolkit is available under a non-commercial license

The engine operates on a collection of dialog partitions. Each partition is a programmatic object that supports a small set of simple methods. The application developer implements the objects to suit their application.

The toolkit includes an end-to-end dialog system -- a voice dialer with a database of 100,000 (fictious) listings. The ASDT engine runs locally. You can use your own speech recognition and text-to-speech, or use those provided by the AT&T Speech Mash-ups platform. To use AT&T Speech Mash-ups, you just need to create a free account.


Download ASDT. Current version is 1.0.

Example interactions with a dialog system built using ASDT

The following two videos show example interactions with the voice dialer example dialog system, which is included with ASDT. It uses AT&T Speech Mash-ups for speech recognition and TTS.

Technical details

The algorithm used by the ASDT engine is described in this paper:

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