ast-cql Software Download Package List

The ast-cql package is covered by this license: Individual components may be covered by separate licenses; refer to the component source and/or binaries for more information.

The table below lists the releases and versions for the ast-cql package. Use the package setup command to download the latest source or binary package by name, or click the RELEASE entries below to download specific packages. The latest releases are marked with *.

 2012-06-28  BASE  * SOURCE 2769048 c7fba7fd387003a5fb0f4c2604a4702f INIT ast-open
 2012-08-01  BASE  SOURCE 2673316 619dba6ea76bf9ed58ee90ad24cb475a INIT ast-open
 2012-02-29  BASE  SOURCE 2768974 5d085c2e1551c89dab6b338b56af2400 INIT ast-open
 2012-08-06  BASE  sol10.sun4 1661329 849cb75b6b682c44ca2bedd56c73556a INIT ast-open
 2012-08-06  BASE  sol10.sun4-64 2903342 4588f769a3f46a3340c5c77c7b7a4f35 INIT ast-open
 2012-08-06  BASE  sol10.i386 1305031 1e3dd0a378c19ecd57847fe9a5f5d177 INIT ast-open
 2012-08-06  BASE  sgi.mips3 1921660 d6c66cb04b6cf60a0238747dde1017a1 INIT ast-open
 2012-08-06  BASE  linux.ppc64 1158329 5f20128954ac763c26a9e779e20a241d INIT ast-open
 2012-08-06  BASE  linux.ppc64-64 1154491 72f4dfa91073808adfc00ba6923a5bdf INIT ast-open
 2012-08-06  BASE  linux.ia64 1929147 0f58b32a8a99c34320283354936bb998 INIT ast-open
 2012-08-06  BASE  linux.i386 1300410 51f1ecfd0e222cbfb6540804263e70c1 INIT ast-open
 2012-08-06  BASE  linux.i386-64 1368900 2652c0566ddda258784cb8c953e1f105 INIT ast-open
 2012-08-06  BASE  linux.i386-64-gcc34 1307006 d01873ea6786109e7a1f305153508912 INIT ast-open
 2012-08-06  BASE  hp.ia64 4249873 c360a02bace84dc777b7e43c8e344f3f INIT ast-open
 2012-08-06  BASE  freebsd6.i386 1237591 20fa569a2cbf0d507e03d40de02c402a INIT ast-open
 2012-08-06  BASE  darwin.i386 1281825 d74bf6ac9021fa8670ef7b0878a4f66b INIT ast-open
 2012-08-06  BASE  darwin.i386-64 1293435 2ca81dd607211e7d1deb79e2a125cecf INIT ast-open
 2012-08-06  BASE  cygwin.i386 3423367 36a13fabbe751c5105b038c7132f21c7 INIT ast-open
 2010-03-09  BASE  sol11.i386 1162494 2bcc0e9989d4064471b6f045adced970 INIT ast-open
 2010-03-09  BASE  ibm.risc 1270153 9352292c4b046f08619592b6ae3f2b8b INIT ast-open
 2010-03-09  BASE  freebsd6.amd64 1180931 8527da97bdab5f56cbf79d5228898f0d INIT ast-open