uwin-dev Software Download Package List

The uwin-dev package is covered by this license: Individual components may be covered by separate licenses; refer to the component source and/or binaries for more information.

The table below lists the releases and versions for the uwin-dev self-extracting archive executables. Click a RELEASE entry below to download a specific package; then run the executable to extract and install the package on your system. The latest releases are marked with *.

 2012-08-06  BASE  * win32.i386-64 4099704 2aab78fd6f4140573c5dc7414816a929 uwin-base
 2012-08-06  BASE  * win32.i386 3861223 afd8bcd916b8c3cef9f15483b3dcadcf uwin-base
 2012-02-29  BASE  win32.i386 3859138 94610a2adad42c85b810cafca2025237 uwin-base
 2012-02-29  BASE  win32.i386-64 4096594 bc7c3d8cd14d17fe7173509d1b1243f1 uwin-base
 2010-06-08  BASE  win32.i386 3554031 3a86b53bbd668c8754c57dfa9be85ac1 uwin-base
 2008-11-15  BASE  win32.i386 3314917 47c78ae81948ddcd160c94a10df8ac15 uwin-base
 2007-12-11  BASE  win32.i386 3381486 0d9ceda802ceb2f2a38d61364cfbc384 uwin-base