Each package download page contains one or more links to the licenses covering the package. The licenses cover both source and binary packages. By downloading any package you agree to the terms of the license(s) covering the package.

Licenses files are also distributed with each package. The full text licenses for source packages are placed in the file $PACKAGEROOT/lib/package/LICENSES/prefix and the full text licenses for binary packages are placed in the file $INSTALLROOT/lib/package/LICENSES/prefix, where prefix is the longest matching prefix of the package name. The package license command lists license text files.

Each package also has a license property file $PACKAGEROOT/lib/package/package.lic that is used to generate the copyright notice headers that are prepended to the top of source files as they are copied to the source tarballs. The package copyright command lists the source copyright notices.

Package components may have specific licenses in the the component source directory. These are typically named LICENSE or COPYRIGHT and are under the control of the component owner.

Any archives, distributions or packages made from source or binaries covered by license(s) must contain the corresponding license file(s).

AT&T Research Specific Licenses

Links to licenses covering AT&T Research software distributions follow. Unless otherwise noted, packages released after 2012-01-01 are covered by the EPL (Eclipse Public License 1.0), packages released between 2005-01-01 and 2012-01-01 are covered by the CPL (Common Public License 1.0). Pre-2005-01-01 releases are covered by a hodgepodge of licenses gratefully obsoleted by the EPL. Nonetheless, if you select a pre-2012-01-01 package you are bound by the terms of the specific license. Note that some pre-2005-01-01 packages have reached their final release.

March 13, 2012