What is SWIFT?
SWIFT is a toolkit for processing, analysing and visualizing very large datasets. It includes tools and libraries for collecting, processing, and displaying data quickly and efficiently.
What benefits do you see in using SWIFT?
Speed and efficiency were the primary goals of this toolkit. It uses architecture-independent data formats so it is also portable.
Who are the authors of AST?
SWIFT is developed primarly by Eleftherios Koutsofios of AT&T Research.
What are the licensing terms for SWIFT?
SWIFT is available under the EPL 1.0 (Eclipse Public License version 1.0) license which is an Open Source License approved by the Open Source consortium. A few utilities use BSD or GPL licenses. All of these are Open Source licenses.
Why isn't SWIFT split into smaller packages?
The decision on what components should go into what packages has always been fairly subjective. We hope that the GIT repository, started mid 2012, will eliminate the need for smaller packages.
Is SWIFT supported?
Currently SWIFT is unsupported. However since SWIFT is used internally at AT&T, it is actively maintained for internal use. By providing SWIFT under an Open Source license, we are hoping that some organization(s) will eventually provide support for SWIFT.
Where do I report bugs in SWIFT?
There are two mailing groups for AST that you can use for this purpose as well as to get more SWIFT information. is more general, whereas is for users that are developing applications that run using AST. Anyone may read the group archives, but you must join the group before you can post to it. We are happy to receive bug fixes from users and will merge them into our base software.


Which languages have been used to develop SWIFT?
SWIFT is written almost entirely in C, ksh(1), and java.
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May 21, 2013