UWIN Version 4.0
This is the first release of Version 4 of UWIN. The primary changes to the 4.0 base package are a due to a conversion to the Open Source Commmon Public License CPL 1.0. In addition, the AST commands and libraries have been updated to the latest release. The development package has had several changes to support multiple compilers. Version 2.X, 3.1 and 3.0 binaries should run without change under 4.0, but some binaries built on 4.0 will not run on 3.2, 3.1, 3.0 or 2.X systems.

There is no update package to move from earlier version of UWIN to the 4.0 version. However, the 4.0 version can be installed over an earlier release. Changes have been made to the download. You no longer have to choose educational vs. evaluation for license type (because of the Common Public License), and you no longer need to enter you name and organization. However, you will need to accept the license. To accept the license you will be prompted to enter a name and a password. For the name enter

    I accept www.opensource.org/licenses/cpl
and for the password use a . (one period) by itself.

The source code for version 4.0 is available for download but requires the 4.0 binary release and a Microsoft Visual C compiler in order to build. The source code requires the package command, as do all other UNIX packages, which is part of the UWIN base package.

Many of the commands have error messages that are based on the locale. Most of the message catalogs were generated by automatic translation and might have rather poor results. If you find this a problem, there are two things you can do:

  • Set and export LC_LOCALE to C or posix.
  • Volunteer to hand translate one or more of the message catalogs. If you want to do this, send mail to uwin@research.att.com and we will send you instructions.
UWIN HomePage at AT&T Research:        http://www.research.att.com/sw/tools/uwin/
UWIN mail:                                                 uwin@research.att.com

New Utilities and Runtime Changes

  • The command hurl which copies the data for a specified url to output has been added.
  • The shell and several commands have been updated to the most recent version of the AST Toolkit which has a number of fixes and new features.
  • The globstar option has been added to the shell. With globstar enabled, the filename **/ matches zero or more directories of any depth. If the / is omitted, then it also matches all files.
  • A -x option has been added to the command, builtin. If the command specified by the command, builtin has more arguments than can be handled in a single invocation, the specified command will be run multiple times with a subset of the arguments on each invocation.
  • A -l option has been added to ksh to invoke the shell as a login shell.
  • The %N nanosecond format has been added to date and all other time formatting commands/options.
  • The -E option has been added to ls for high (nanosecond) resolution date formatting.
  • The pax command has been updated to conform to the most recent POSIX and X/Open standard.
  • The head command can now handle options specifying sizes greater than 2 G-bytes.
Bug Fixes for Version 4.0 Utilities and Runtime
  • A few bugs in ps have been fixed.
  • Several ksh bugs have been fixed. Click here to get to the complete change log.
  • A bug in the processing of some symlinks with .. has been fixed.

Development Kit Improvements

  • The mkexec command that creates a .exe executable file from a shell script has been added. The executable requires UWIN in order to run.
  • The dlls command has been added.
  • A number of header file links to Borland header files have been added to handle cases in which the names have been truncated to shorter names.
  • The nmake command now handles linking of mixtures of static and dynamic libraries.
  • A number of additional nmake rules files have been added.
  • The VisualStudio 7.1 C/C++, the Net Framework, and the Visucal C++ Tool kit 2003 compilers are now supported.
  • A later and more complete version of the pthread library has been included. The <pthread.h> header was modified so that it no longer includes the <windows.h> header.
  • A bug in tcgetptrp() for ptys has been fixed.
  • Prototypes for strlcpy() and strlcat() have been added to <string.h>
  • The library functions asprintf() and vasprintf() have been added.
  • The C99 header <stdint.h> has been added and <inttypes.h> has been modified for C99.
  • The GNU getopt_long() and getopt_long_only() interfaces have been added to the default library and the <getopt.h> header has been extended.
  • The secure socket layer library, ssl, has been added.
Bug Fixes for Version 4.0 Development Package
  • A number of changes have been made to the UWIN cpp to provide compatibility with GNU.
  • A number of fixes to the front end cc compiler have been made.
  • A few fixes to the vmalloc() function were made to improve the performace and reliability of malloc() and free() which use vmalloc().
  • The st_size field returned by stat() for registry files has been fixed to return the correct value.

Last Modified On: Tuesday, January 18, 2005