UWIN Version 4.1
This is the second release of Version 4 of UWIN. The primary changes to the 4.1 base package are in the latest version of the AST commands and libraries package as well as a few bug fixes in UWIN base and development code. Like Version 4.0, version 4.1 uses the Open Source Commmon Public License CPL 1.0. This license has fewer restrictions than GPL but as with version 4.0, you will need to accept the license. To accept the license you will be prompted to enter a name and a password. For the name enter
    I accept www.opensource.org/licenses/cpl
and for the password use a . (one period) by itself.

The development package has changes to support the newer Visual C/C++ 2005 compiler which is availabe for download without charge from the Microsoft download site. However, UWIN 4.1 has been compiled with the 2003 version of Visual C/C++.

There is no update package to move from earlier version of UWIN to the 4.1 version. However, the 4.1 version can be installed over version 4.0.

The source code for version 4.1 is available for download but requires the 4.0 or 4.1 binary release and a Microsoft Visual C compiler in order to build. The source code requires the package command, as do all other UNIX packages The package command is part of the UWIN base package. We are hoping that users will use the source to fix bugs and add new features and then send them to us so that we can incorporate them into future releases to UWIN.

Many of the commands have error messages that are based on the locale. Most of the message catalogs were generated by automatic translation and might have rather poor results. If you find this a problem, there are two things you can do:

  • Set and export LC_LOCALE to C or posix.
  • Volunteer to hand translate one or more of the message catalogs. If you want to do this, send mail to uwin@research.att.com and we will send you instructions.
UWIN HomePage at AT&T Research:        http://www.research.att.com/sw/tools/uwin/
UWIN mail:                                                 uwin@research.att.com

New Utilities and Runtime Changes

  • The command dss which can be used to stream through data at faster rates than awk or perl has been added.
  • The commands vczip and vcunzip which use the new vcodex library to provide a number of transforms typically for data compression.
  • For puzzle solvers, the The sodoku and sodocoup commands have been added.
  • The shell and several commands have been updated to the most recent version of the AST Toolkit which has a number of fixes and new features.
  • The -o multiline option has been added to the shell which allows the builtin editors to use multiple lines on the screen to display and edit shell commands that are longer than the line width rather than sliding the window left and right.
  • Redirection operators can be directly preceded with {varname} with no intervening space, where varname is a variable name which allows the shell to select a file descriptor > 10 and store it into varname
Bug Fixes for Version 4.1 Utilities and Runtime
  • Several ksh bugs have been fixed. Click here to get to the complete change log.
  • On Windows XP, running exit from a console window would cause a popup dialog box indicating an exception. This excepition was in the visual C exit function and the cause hasn't been found. However, at least with XP service pack 2, the popup no longer happens.

Development Kit Improvements

  • The mktest and rt commands that creates and runs regression tests has been added.
  • A number of additional nmake rules files have been added.
  • The The VisualStudio 2005 compiler compilers is now supported. The VisualStudio 2005 Express Edition and NET Framework 2.0 can be downloaded without charge from the Microsoft download site.
Bug Fixes for Version 4.1 Development Package
  • A number of changes have been made to the UWIN cpp so that it works with imake.
  • A number of fixes to the front end cc compiler have been made.

Last Modified On: Tuesday, February 14, 2006