dss - scan a data stream and apply a select expression to each record


dss [ options ] [ expression ] [ file ... ]


dss scans a record-oriented data stream, applies a select expression to each record, and writes the matching records to the standard output. If expression is - or empty then all records match. If expression begins with < then the remainder of the expression is a file containing the expression. If file is - or omitted then the standard input is read. If file begins with < then the string with < removed is a file containing a newline-separated list of files to process. If |{write format}is not specified then the output format is the same as the format of the first input file.

Input files are vczip(1), gzip(1), bzip2(1) or pzip(1) decompressed if necessary.


Query expressions support C-style syntax. Strings may be specified with '...', "..." or /.../ delimiters. =~ and !~ operations on strings treat the right hand operand as a possibly field-specific matching pattern. string field matching patterns are extended regex(3) regular expressions (egrep(1) style.)

Types, queries and functions are brought into scope by --library references on the command line, library references within schema definitions, or by explicit lib::identifier binding within expressions. Variables and function return values within expressions and {print} formats may be cast to another type using C style casts (lib::type) and (type ).

An expression of the form { query [--option...] [arg...] [> output] } accesses the compiled query defined in a --library dynamic library. { query --man } lists the documentation for query.

Dynamic queries enclosed in {...} and interpreted queries enclosed in (...) may be composed using the |, ?:, and ; operators. A|B specifies that query B processes records selected by query A. A?B:C specifies that query B processes the records selected by query A and query C processes the records not selected by query A; query B may be omitted. A;B specifies that queries A and B process the same records.


Specify --method=method for a list of supported formats and variables.


-a, --append

Open output files in append mode. This disables file header output.
-d, --debug

Enable debug tracing.
-I, --include=dir

Add dir to the list of directories searched for include files. The default ../lib/dss directories on $PATH are added to this list.
-l, --library=name

Load the dynamic library name. dss libraries may define methods, types, maps, queries or functions.
-m, --map=file

Numeric field value map XML file. --method=dss,man describes the <MAP> tag.
-P, --plugins=style

List plugin information for each file operand in --style on the standard error. The expression operand is not specified in this case. If no file operands are specified then the first instance of each dss plugin installed on $PATH or a sibling dir on $PATH is listed. The special style list lists a line on the standard output for each plugin with the name, a tab character, and plugin specific command line options parameterized by ${style} (suitable for eval'ing in sh(1).) The default value is list|man|html|nroff|usage.
-q, --quiet

Disable non-fatal warning messages.
-v, --verbose

Enable verbose status messages.
-x, --method=method[,option[=value]...][:schema]

Set the record method. This option must be specified. The method name may be followed by a , separated list of method specific [no]name[=value] options and a schema following the first :. Method specific usage may be listed by the man or html method specific options. Each method is typically implemented in a separate shared library. If the method shared library is not installed on $PATH or a sibling dir on $PATH then method must be the full path name of the shared library. The methods, determined by $PATH, are:
meta-method that specifies a method, value maps and constraints
BGP router dump and announce/withdraw messages

at&t ningaui dibbler billing data
fixed-width and/or field-delimited flat file data
gigascope data with embedded GDAT schema header

Cisco router netflow dump data

opaque fixed record data with optional magic
Newline-terminated field-delimited text file; the method schema is a scanf(3) like format string with embedded field names of the form: %(field1)format-char delimiter ...
xml and json method
-T, --test=mask

Enable test code defined by mask. Test code is implementation specific.

method specific tests

cx library specific tests

enable cxeval() code trace

dss library specific tests
-c, --count

Write the matched/total records on the standard output. Deprecated: compose the expression with |{count} instead.
-f, --format=format

Set the output method format. Deprecated: compose the expression with |{write format} instead.
-n, --nooutput

Disable all output. Deprecated: not required when the expression contains a dynamic query.
-p, --print=format

Print selected records according to format. Deprecated: compose the expression with |{print format} instead.


dss -x dss '{stats --man}'

List the stats query manpage.
dss -x bgp '{write --man}'

List the formats supported by the bgp method.
dss -x netflow "{stats --group=prot bytes packets}" *.gz

List the stats for the netflow method fields bytes and packets, grouped by values in the field prot.
dss -x bgp {count} cisco.dat

Count the number of bgp records in cisco.dat .
dss -x bgp '(type=="A")?{write table > a}:{write cisco > b}' mrt.dat

Write the announce records from mrt.dat to the file a in the table format and all other records to the file b in the cisco format.
dss -x foo-txt '{flat foo-bin}|{compress}' foo.txt > foo.bin

Convert the foo-txt file foo.txt to the foo-bin flat method format file foo.bin using the preferred compression method, where foo-txt.dss and foo-bin.dss are user supplied dss XML schema files describing the input and output formats.
dss -x foo-bin '(time>="jan 1")|{flat foo-txt}' foo.bin

Select all foo.bin records with time > jan 1 and list them in the foo-txt format.


vczip(1), gzip(1), bzip2(1), pzip(1), cql(1), dss::dss(5P)



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Glenn Fowler <glenn.s.fowler@gmail.com>

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