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gsdjvu contains the source code for a Ghostscript driver that enables to convert PostScript(tm) and Portable Document Format (PDF) electronic document files into DjVu files. It analyzes the sequence of PostScript operations and classifies them as foreground and background. The resulting segmentation can then be used to produce a DjVu file, using, for instance, the DjVuLibre program csepdjvu. The algorithms used to optimize the efficiency and visual quality of this conversion are described in the following paper .

While we encourage users to download the up-to-date derived version available in DjVuLibre , gsdjvu is available at no cost under the conditions of the CPL software license. You should be aware of the terms and conditions of this license agreement before downloading gsdjvu (the access password is provided at the end of the license agreement). You can obtain gsdjvu by downloading the archive containing three files: gdevdjv1.c, gdevdjv1.h, and gdevdjvu.c. Note that this source code is no longer compatible with recent versions of Ghostscript and DjVuLibre.

For more information, please contact Patrick Haffner.

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