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Uses of Edge in att.grappa

Fields in att.grappa with type parameters of type Edge
static java.util.List<Edge> Grappa.emptyEdgeIterator

Methods in att.grappa that return Edge
 Edge[] Subgraph.edgeElementsAsArray()
 Edge[] Node.edgeElementsAsArray()
static Edge Edge.findEdgeByKey(Node tail, Node head, java.lang.String key)
          Returns the edge with the given tail node, head node and key.
 Edge Subgraph.findEdgeByName(java.lang.String edgeName)
          Searches current subgraph and, by recursion, descendent subgraphs for the edge matching the supplied name.
 Edge Node.findInEdgeByKey(Node tail, java.lang.String key)
          Find an inbound edge given its tail and key.
 Edge Node.findOutEdgeByKey(Node head, java.lang.String key)
          Find an outbound edge given its head and key.
 Edge Subgraph.removeEdge(java.lang.String edgeName)
          Removes the edge matching the specified name from the subgraph's Edge dictionary.

Methods in att.grappa that return types with arguments of type Edge
 java.util.Iterator<Edge> Subgraph.edgeElements()
          Get an Iterator of the edge elements in this subgraph.
 att.grappa.Node.Iterator<Edge> Node.edgeElements()
          Get an Iterator of the edges directed to or from this node.
static java.util.Iterator<Edge> Edge.findEdgesByEnds(Node node1, Node node2)
          Returns an Iterator of edges that have one end fixed at node1 and the other end at node2.
 att.grappa.Node.Iterator<Edge> Node.inEdgeElements()
          Get an Iterator of the edges directed to this node.
 att.grappa.Node.Iterator<Edge> Node.outEdgeElements()
          Get an Iterator of the edges directed from this node.

Methods in att.grappa with parameters of type Edge
 void Subgraph.addEdge(Edge newEdge)
          Adds the specified edge to the subgraph's Edge dictionary.
 void Node.addEdge(Edge edge, boolean inEdge)
          Add the given edge to this node's inEdges or outEdges dictionaries, if it is not already there.
 void Node.removeEdge(Edge edge, boolean inEdge)
          Remove the given edge from this node's inEdges or outEdges dictionaries.

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