Package att.grappa

Interface Summary
AttributeHandler An interface for methods that perform attribute value conversions.
CustomRenderer An interface for describing the drawing of custom shapes that cannot be captured via a single GeneralPath.
GraphIterator An extension of the Iterator interface specific to iteration of graph elements.
GrappaBacker An interface for defining an image drawing method to be used for painting the background of the graph.
GrappaConstants This class provides a common set of constant, class variables used by the classes in the grappa package.
GrappaListener An interface for handling mouse-related activity that occurs on a graph.

Class Summary
Attribute A class used for representing attributes associated with the graph elements.
Edge This class describes an edge.
Element This abstract class is the root class for the Node, Edge, Subgraph and Graph classes.
ExceptionDisplay A class for displaying exception information in a pop-up frame.
Graph This class is the root of the overall graph and provides methods for working with the entire graph (for example, printing the graph).
Grappa This class sets default option variables and other set-up.
GrappaAdapter A convenience class that implements the GrappaListener interface for handling mouse-related activity that occurs on a graph.
GrappaBox This class extends java.awt.geom.Rectangle2D.Double and provides built-in string-to-Rectangle2D and Rectangle2D-to-string conversions suitable for Grappa.
GrappaColor This abstract class sets up and provides name-to-color and color-to-name mappings and some associated class methods.
GrappaLine This class provides line and bezier-curve support for Grappa.
GrappaNexus This class brings together shape, text and attribute information related to bounding and drawing an element.
GrappaPanel A class used for drawing the graph.
GrappaPathIterator This class provides a PathIterator for GrappaNexus shapes.
GrappaPoint This class extends java.awt.geom.Point2D.Double and provides built-in string-to-Point2D and Point2D-to-string conversions suitable for Grappa.
GrappaShape This class provides a flexible, parameterized polygonal shape builder.
GrappaSize This class extends java.awt.geom.Dimension2D and provides built-in string-to-Dimension2D and Dimension2D-to-string conversions suitable for Grappa.
GrappaStyle This class translates and encapsulates information provided by the style attribute.
GrappaSupport A class providing some supports function for Grappa.
GrappaSupportPrintf A class providing sprintf support.
GrappaSupportRects This class provides a method for parsing RECORD_SHAPE node labels and deriving the RECT_ATTR information from it.
Lexer A class for doing lexical analysis of dot formatted input.
Node This class describes a node.
Parser This class provides a parser for the dot graph representation format.
Subgraph This class describes a subgraph, which can consist of nodes, edges and other subgraphs.
Symbols CUP generated class containing symbol constants.

Exception Summary
GraphParserException This class is used whenever a problem is detected during parsing.

Grappa 1.2