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validGrappaAttributeKey(String) - Static method in class att.grappa.Graph
Check if the given key has a format consistent with Grappa package attribute keys.
value - Variable in class java_cup.runtime.Symbol
virtual_parse_stack - Class in java_cup.runtime
This class implements a temporary or "virtual" parse stack that replaces the top portion of the actual parse stack (the part that has been changed by some set of operations) while maintaining its original contents.
virtual_parse_stack(Stack) - Constructor for class java_cup.runtime.virtual_parse_stack
Constructor to build a virtual stack out of a real stack.
visible - Variable in class att.grappa.Element
Indicates whether this element should be considered visible or not.
vstack - Variable in class java_cup.runtime.virtual_parse_stack
The virtual top portion of the stack.

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Grappa 1.2