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Demo of Grappa
(JDK 1.0 Version)

This JDK 1.0 version of Grappa lacks many of the features of the JDK 1.1 version and in some cases existing features are not fully implemented. Nonetheless, it does provide for basic graph display and manipulation. The source is available for download by shift-clicking on the link in this sentence.

To work the demonstration below, use your mouse to select, add or delete nodes and edges to the graph below or modify the graph description using dot format in the text area at the bottom of the java applet area below. Use the left mouse button on an item to select it. Use the shift key with the left mouse button to create a node. Use the shift key with the left mouse button in an existing node and drag to another existing node and a new edge will be created when you release the mouse button. Use the control key with the left mouse button to delete an item. Clicking the right mouse button over an element will bring up a display of the attributes of that element. In the text area, position the input cursor by clicking the mouse, then type your input. There is no need to include position or sizing information as the dot layout engine will do that for you. For example, try adding the following in the text area:

Node0 -> Node4;

When you are done with your input, either press the submit graph or the submit text button depending on where you made your changes. Your graph description will be passed to the dot layout engine and then returned to Grappa to be rendered in the Java canvas and text areas below.

You must enable Java to run this demo!

For more information about Grappa contact John Mocenigo