Budapest, Hungary, May 20th , 2003

Collocated with WWW2003 conference


Program Committee Members

1.      Ariel Pashtan - Motorola

2.      Hui Luo AT&T Research

3.      Johan Hjelm Ericsson

4.      Matti Hiltunen AT&T Research

5.      Paolo Bellavista University of Bologna

6.      Serban Jora AT&T Research

7.      Trevor Jim AT&T Research

8.      Matthew Zieniewicz US Army

9.      N. K. Shakaranarayanan AT&T Research

10.  Dawson Engler Stanford University

11.  Chris Rice AT&T Research

12.  Dominique Barthel France Telecom

13.  R. Muthumanickam AT&T Research

14.  Patricia Halloran-Krokel Stanford University

15.  Bertil Thorngren Stockholm School of Economics

16.  Yih Farn Chen AT&T Research

17.  Jun He AT&T Research

18.  Anik Bose 3COM

19.  Bin Wei AT&T Research

20.  Gerald Maguire - KTH Royal Institute of Technology

21.  Arne Stoschek VW

22.  Andrew Warfield University of Cambridge

23.  Jeff Andrews University of Texas

24.  Huale Huang AT&T Research

25.  Rodney Kennedy Australian National University

26.  Lei Wei University of Central Florida

27.  Subhrakanti Dey University of Melbourne

28.  Deva K Borah New Mexico State University

29.  Ashish K Singh AT&T Research