Time Program - May 20th, 2003 Authors
9:00 Cooperative Mobile Ambient Awareness Theo Kanter
9:20 The Persona Concept: A Consumer-Centered Identity Model Kal Toth, M. Subramanium
9:40 A Location-Dependent Recommender System for the Web Mauro Brunato, R. Battiti
10:00 - 10:30 BREAK 
10:30 Load Sharing for Mobile Streaming Services using LIN6 H. Khoo, M. Ishimaya, M. Kunishi, H.Sunahara
10:50 Visual Wrapping and Functional Linkage of Existing Web Applications Kimihito Ito, Y. Tanaka
11:10 Performance Evaluation and Optimization of a CDMA/PRMA MAC for WWW Users In Mobile Networks Andri Kofmehl, D. Grob, A. Ibrahim, S.Tohme
11:30 - 1:00 LUNCH
1:00 -2:00 POSTERS
2:00 Modelling the Reliability of Ring Topology IP Micro mobility networks Sandor Imre, M.Szalay
2:20 Providing QoS in IP Micromobility Networks Gábor Zsolt Bilek, I. Dudas, S. Szabo, S. Imre
2:40 A Platform and Applications for Mobile Peer-to-Peer Communications Takeshi Kato, N.Ishikawa, H. Sumino, J. Hjelm, Y. Yu, S. Murakami
3:00 - 3:30 BREAK 
3:30 Personal Voice Call Assistant: VoiceXML and SIP in a Distributed Environment Michael Pucher, J. Tertyshnaya, F. Wegscheider
3:50 An architecture for selling XML content Peter De Villiers, R. A. Botha
4:10 Assessing the business value of mobile applications Arie Segev
Constraint-Based Personalization Model: Multi-Channel Messaging Kal Toth, S. R. Nagboth
Adaptive web server using self reproducing approach Hiraoki Fukada, K. Yamamoto, T. Iijima
Flexible pagination and layouting for device independent authoring Gabriel Dermler, M. Wasmund, G. Grassel, A. Spriestersbach, T. Ziegert
Security in a Wireless Mobile Health Care System Ramon Martí, J. Delgado
Web-Based Architecture of an Intelligent Tutoring System  Edward R. Sykes, F. Franek
PageRank: Quantitative Model of Interaction Information Retrieval Sandor Dominich
A Unified Approach to Indexing Multimedia on the Web Lahskman Jayaratne, Z. Jiang, A. Ginige
The art of multi channel hypermedia application development Dionysios G. Synodinos, P. Avgeriou
Enterprize WEB and Multimedia Mobile Portal for Mobile Users Sandor Vincze