AT&T Labs - Research

The People

[PHOTO] Chris Volinsky, Director   Modeling graph and network data, graph matching; statistical computation and visualization; data mining; Bayesian methodology; Bayesian model averaging; baseball analysis (sabermetrics).

Members of the Statistics Research Department

[PHOTO] Rick Becker   Visualization, statistical computing, graphics; co-inventor of the S language.
Suhrid Balakrishnan   Machine learning and knowledge discovery. Currently studying latent variable models with application to collaborative filtering problems.
[PHOTO] Bob Bell   Statistical inference for data from complex samples, probabilistic record linkage, machine learning methods, robust estimation.
[PHOTO] Simon Byers  
[PHOTO] Sumit Chopra   Machine learning, pattern recognition, learning and inference algorithms for large data sets.
[PHOTO] Tamraparni Dasu   Nonparametric methods that are robust and easily implementable on large multivariate data; data streams; data quality: co-author of Exploratory Data Mining and Data Quality.
[PHOTO] Ji-Meng Loh   Spatial statistics; bootstrap; anomaly detection.
[PHOTO] DeDe Paul   Consumer behavior modeling; data mining support for marketing; measuring consumer word-of-mouth impacts.
[PHOTO] David Poole   Computer-intensive statistical procedures, capture-recapture methods, analysis of call detail for traffic engineering purposes, statistical use of simulation models, particularly population dynamics models for marine mammals.
[PHOTO] Vaidyanathan (Ram) Ramaswami   Applied probability, algorithmic methods, performance analysis and queueing theory, network monitoring algorithms, internet performance.
[PHOTO] Kenny Shirley   Bayesian modeling, multilevel models, hidden Markov models, and time series models
[PHOTO] Debby Swayne   Direct manipulation data visualization software and methods; co-developer of xgobi and of the newer ggobi.
[PHOTO] Simon Urbanek   Statistical computing, data visualization, interactive analysis of statistical forests (KLIMT); co-developer of iPlots; member of the R core development team.
[PHOTO] Allan Wilks   Statistical computing, computational geometry, graphics languages, visualization, network data analysis; co-developer of S.

Visitors and Colleagues in Other Departments

[PHOTO] John Chambers   Statistical computing and languages; co-developer of S and member of the R core development team; author of Programming with Data: A Guide to the S Language.
[PHOTO] Richard Drechsler   Data visualization, scripting languages; co-creator of the YOIX language.
[PHOTO] Colin Goodall   Signatures, models, visualization, and computational systems for telecommunications usage/fraud and for health care outcomes: real-time alerting and reporting. Statistical analysis of shape. Data mining. Robust and exploratory data analysis
[PHOTO] Patrick Haffner   Machine learning, kernel machines, speech and language understanding, OCR and document image processing and compression.
[PHOTO] Yifan Hu   Optimization, graph drawing and network analysis, sparse linear algebra and parallel computing.
[PHOTO] Walter Willinger   Statistical analysis and visualization of large sets of network traffic data, probabilistic and statistical aspects of long-range dependent processes and heavy-tailed distributions, with applications to telecommunications and economics.

Alumni with long and successful careers in our Lab

Deepak Agarwal Yahoo Research
Andreas Buja The Wharton School, U. of Pennsylvania
Corinna Cortes Google Labs
Bill DuMouchel Lincoln Technologies
Trevor Hastie Stanford University
Yehuda Koren Yahoo Research
Colin Mallows
Daryl Pregibon Google Labs

Past visitors

Daniel Asimov
Sid Dalal Rand Corporation
Shawndra Hill The Wharton School, U. of Pennsylvania
Heike Hofmann Iowa State University
Alan MacEachren Penn State
Nandini Raghavan Johnson & Johnson
Matt Schonlau The Rand Corporation
Werner Stuetzle The University of Washington, Seattle
Martin Theus The University of Augsburg

Past summer students

Milena BanjevicMerrill Lynch
Zach CoxCharles River Analytics
Alan Gous Cariden Technologies
Carrie GrimesGoogle
Giles HookerCornell
Valerie HydeIBM
Rafal KustraUniversity of Toronto
Dongyu LinThe Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
Tom Minka Microsoft
Jen Neville Purdue
Clayton NollHarvard
Susan PaddockRAND
Steven ScottGoogle
Eric VanceDuke
Claudia TebaldiUniversity of British Columbia
Casey WolosHarvard
Gina Maria PomannNC State
Anoushka AnandU of Illinois
Piotr MirowskiBell Labs
Amitabha GhoshUniversity of Southern California; Princeton University