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AT&T Labs has discontinued support for certain TTS voices that used to be offered on this web site. While AT&T Labs has an active R&D program in TTS technology, any plans or schedules for new releases are proprietary.

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STEP 3 Click:         - or -       [ restrictions apply** ]

Something mispronounced?  

Something broken?   Please consult the FAQ page Diagnostics before sending details to tts-feedback.

Comments, suggestions and questions not answered in the FAQ should also be sent to tts-feedback.

** Restrictions On Use Of Audio
This page is for demonstration purposes only.   See the FAQ for full policy details.
-- Audio samples are for private, non-commercial use.   Publication and distribution require licensing.   The restrictions are the same for non-commercial use as for commercial use.
-- Exceptions for limited private use are described in the FAQ under Usage Policy.   Information about licensing and sales can be found in the FAQ under How To Buy.
-- Input text is logged.   It is treated as private customer data and is handled according to AT&T's Privacy Policy.   Note that AT&T will cooperate fully with law enforcement.