Chris Volinsky  

Assistant Vice President, Big Data Research
AT&T Labs-Research

Check out our cool visualization of Baseball Hall of Fame voting trends.

My research in the field of statistics and data mining focuses on data mining and analysis of massive data. Some specific topics I am interested in include: r

Follow my blog about my new project: My Year of Data.  I plan to measure everything I can about myself for one year - and open source the data for analysis.  Details in my first blog post!

I am a member of the BellKor's Pragmatic Chaos team that won the Netflix $1 Million Netflix Prize.
Read all about it!!!!

Check out our cool maps placing music groups or TV shows on a map with similar movies close to each other.

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My Google Scholar Page

Cool wordcloud built in R showing my co-authors and my citations.  (thanks to the SimplyStatsitics guys - here is how to do it yourself)

Here is a CV (last updated 10/2011)

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Chris Volinsky
(973) 360-8644
Room D235 - Shannon Laboratory
AT&T Labs-Research
Florham Park, NJ 07932
volinsky at research dot att dot com