Beer and other good things

The granddady of 'em all is the Real Beer Page. This page has every link to everything you could ever want to know about beer.

Locally, we try and sample the wonderful brews at Trap Rock Brewery in Berkeley Heights, NJ as much as possible.  Stop in and ask Charlie the master brewer for a sample of whatever he is working on.  

Christine and I traveled to Belgium in March 1998 to meet friends and sample some of the wonderful beverages. They are unique beers which are very different from the beers of the Northwest US or of the UK. Our Belgian  favorite is made by the Trappist monks at Orval. In addition, the location is absolutely beautiful....if you are ever in the south of Belgium (or north of France), I recommend it highly. Other incredibly good Belgian beers are made by Chimay, also a Trappist monastery. Note that the monks even maintain the web page here!! Leffe has a slightly cheesy homepage, but their beers are good nonetheless, and they have a nice page with links to other beer sites.

For our honeymoon in August 1997, we traveled around the beautiful state of Oregon in search of good beer (do you see a pattern to our trips?). We hit 16 breweries in 10 days!! Some of our favorites included:

There are also many great brewpubs and beers in Seattle and the rest of the Northwest (and elsewhere)....

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