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Yoix / FAQ    Last updated: Mon Jul 11 09:33:12 EDT 2011

This page provides questions and answers which we feel may be of general interest. There is also a separate FAQ regarding the licensing of Yoix technology .

Documentation  (top)

  1. I installed the documentation on my local machine, but some of the pages that I can view on the Yoix website are missing. Where did they go?
    There are a few Yoix objects whose names differ only by the case of a single character. Currently these objects are CheckBox, Checkbox, CheckBoxGroup, CheckboxGroup, JCheckBox, JCheckbox, JCheckBoxGroup, JCheckboxGroup, JScrollBar, JScrollbar, ScrollBar, and Scrollbar. This nearly identical naming occurs due to our attempt to make harmless common typos resulting from Java's name evolution between AWT and Swing. If you installed the documentation on a case-insensitive filesystem such as is typical under the Windows and Macintosh operating systems, one documentation file will overwrite the other. Since one of the two pages usually just says that it is a synonymous form of the object documented on the other page, we have tried to pack the documentation zip file in such a way that the less informative page gets overwritten. You can always view the missing pages by visiting our website, but you will find that you are not missing much.   (top)

Installation  (top)

  1. How does installation work on a Mac?
    If you are running OS X, then the Yoix installer will work fine and you should have no problems. For OS 9 or OS 8, it is a little more complicated. Firstly, we now require Java version 1.4.0 or better, so right there you are probably out of luck since I do not think Apple is worried about OS 8 or 9 anymore. However, if you have an older version of Yoix that works with Java 1.3.1 and want to run on OS 8 or 9, then it should work. You will need to use something called JBindery, which will actually run the Yoix installer when you drag and drop it onto the JBindery icon. Essentially, the rule of thumb is to just get the Yoix jar file to run as you would any Java application in that environment and use att.research.yoix.YoixMain as the start-up class name and add your Yoix script as an argument. The details for OS 9 and OS 8 have always been fuzzy to us and ever since OS X came around (especially since 10.3), we have not worried about it at all.   (top)

Running  (top)

  1. Can I run Yoix in my browser?
    No. Yoix is a Java application, not a Java applet. The many constraints on a Java applet would emasculate the functionality of Yoix too much to interest us in providing that capability. More importantly, one of our motivations in developing Yoix was to provide a robust and consistent platform for applications. Throwing a browser into the mix would seriously reduce reliability and introduce browser vendor compatability issues. While this means that Yoix users must perform one-time installations of the Java Runtime Environment and of the Yoix interpreter's jar file before being able to run Yoix applications, both of these operations are fairly painless (and are even less so when these can be installed on a networked filesystem for an entire community of users). Moreover, once these installations are done, browsers can be configured to kick off the Yoix interpreter to run Yoix applications provided as URLs within an HTML document page (as with any application provided over the network, such an arrangement is only wise if the provider is trusted or sufficient security precautions are taken on the client side - connecting to the Yoix application using SSL and verifying the originator's certificate are highly recommended at a minimum in such instances).   (top)



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