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Yoix / YChartUnicode

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Kick off the Unicode Chart using Java Web Start
This is a standalone YChart application that is included as part of the default Yoix distribution, so you get it when you run the Yoix installer that is available at the Yoix download page. We think it is a handy reference tool for programmers and others that need to make sense of the Unicode Standard (Plane 0).

The YChart Unicode tool can display the four quandrants of the Unicode Plane 0 individually or together, i.e., all 65,536 elements of Plane 0 at one time. All the applicable features described for YChart in general and for the periodic table are available in the YChart Unicode tool. Refer to the YChart help page for usage tips.

Like the YChart Periodic Table of the Elements, the YChart Unicode Table is also available using the new yxs suffix so that the interpreter will run the application using the applet security-level mode of execution. For this case, you can invoke the YChart Unicode tool without the need for explicitly downloading it in either of the following ways:



Figure 1 shows the YChart Unicode tool at start up displaying the unicode range 0000 to 3FFF.

[Image: Unicode Range 1]

Figure 1. YChart of Unicode Range 1 (0000 to 3FFF) with Shading by Character Category

Figure 2 shows a detail of Extended Latin-A Category portion of the YChart Unicode Display.
[Image: Unicode Detail]

Figure 2. YChart Detail showing Extended Latin-A portion of Unicode Range 1 (0000 to 3FFF)

Figure 3 shows the entirety of Unicode Plane 0.
[Image: Unicode Plane 0]

Figure 3. YChart showing Unicode Plano 0 (0000 to FFFF) shaded by Unicode block


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